International Coffee Day 2019: What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Drinking Coffee?
Coffee. (Photo Credits: File)

You must have got accustomed to staying up super late, knowing that a cup of coffee would be waiting for you in the morning. By midday, you would probably crash and have another. Eventually, you would build up such a tolerance that you would come home from class and fall asleep. Needless to say that the first days without coffee would be tough but after a few days, the idea of grabbing that cuppa of Joe will barely cross your mind. It is only after giving up coffee you will you realise how much you relied on it. Here's what happens when you give up the habit for good.

You Suffer Fewer Migraine Headaches

Quitting coffee can make a noticeable difference in the frequency and severity of migraine headaches. Caffeine overdose can trigger headaches, so naturally, when you give up on coffee, you suffer from fewer headaches. You can swap your coffee with matcha which contains one-third as much caffeine as in a cup of coffee. Coffee Effects on Stomach: How to Make Your Cup O’ Joe Gut-Friendly for IBS

You Sleep Better

Even though at the beginning you will find it difficult to adjust to the lack of stimulants you are used to, going caffeine-free will give you a better night's sleep in the long run. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found that caffeine intake even six hours before bedtime can disrupt a person’s sleep cycle that night. 

You Are Calmer

We have all been there. We felt like we would collapse on the spot with no access to coffee. Coffee starvation often gives a serious blow to our mood. So when you quit coffee, you can handle your emotions better and therefore, you will turn out to be a more pleasant, patient person to be around. Coffee Facts: Hot Coffee Has Higher Levels of Antioxidants Than Cold Coffee.

You Wake Up Without Hot Flashes

If you are a heavy coffee drinker, you must have spent your mornings dealing with hot flashes and heart palpitations. When you quit coffee you will wake up feeling much better in your mornings. Replacing your coffee with matcha or green tea can help you avoid ibuprofen and think clearly within the few hours of waking up.

You Are More Productive At Work

Your brain on coffee can seem like a worked up car which ran straight for ten hours without radio. In the first few days after quitting coffee, you may struggle with feeling exhausted and unfocussed, but once you get used to living without coffee you will realise that it is possible to be your sharpest before noon.  Is It Healthy to Drink Coffee? Some Reasons to Chug Our Favourite Beverage.

You Are More Mindful About Your Health

Working in an office with unlimited free coffee can be dangerous. If you think, nine out of ten times you refill your coffee mug out of habit, not a necessity. When you quit coffee, a little more time will go into steeping green tea and preparing other herbal good-for-you beverages.  

If too much coffee has ever left you wriggling in your chair, it is time to say goodbye to your double espresso shots and settle for a healthier option like matcha or green tea instead.