International Stuttering Awareness Day is observed every year on October 22. Stuttering is a communication disorder in which repetitions or abnormal stoppages of sounds and syllables break the flow of speech. Stammering associations, individuals, and groups around the world organise events to mark the day and to raise awareness on stuttering.

International Stuttering Awareness Day was established in 1998 and is intended to raise public awareness on stuttering, which affects one percent of the world's population. ISAD brings attention to the millions of people around the world living with this specific communication disorder. International Stuttering Awareness Day: Boys Stammer More Than Girls, and Other Shocking Facts About Stuttering.

The theme for this year is “A World That Understands stuttering,” which highlights the importance of educating the public and bringing hope to people who stutter. Stammering is usually overlooked as a problem and a lot of people who stammer face a lot of bullying all across the world which can lead to various mental health issues.

People consider a number of myths about stuttering. For instance, in spite of what many believe, it's not caused by anxiety or shyness. International Stuttering Awareness Day educates the public about stutterers and thereby diminishes the stigma. ISAD provides hope to stutterers by showing them they're not alone and by providing them with resources to improve their speech. It connects stutterers with research and speech pathologists.

We should stand collectively with the cause and help make this world a better place for people who have this speech disorder. We must make our groups more inclusive and welcoming for the people who stammer.

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