Keto Diet Foods for Beginners: 29 Healthiest Ketogenic Ingredients to Add to Your Diet
Keto food menu with high-fat and low-carb foods, rich in fibre. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

A healthy diet is what we all want to get on for effective weight loss and fat burn. Keto diet or Ketogenic diet as it is also called has turned out to be one of the most effective diets in terms of losing weight and becoming slim. While we know how efficient different exercises and workout regimes have been in terms of losing weight getting you in shape, however, a healthy diet comprises a significant percentage of the weight loss process. The keto diet has shown effective results. Keto diet includes alot of elements, and for many who do not prefer keto diet pills such as shark tank keto diet pills, keto ultra and keto plus pill, they opt for healthy keto friendly foods. If you are opting for the keto diet, you must know of the healthy keto menu that can help you achieve weight loss faster. Keto For Beginners: What is Ketogenic Diet? 5 FAQs Answered By An Expert.

Keto diet is all about cutting down on carbs to almost zero and eating more of healthy fats and proteins. The idea behind the keto diet is to eat more of fats so that your body reaches a point wherein it burns fats as a fuel for your body functioning instead of carbs, which is usually the case. However, if you are planning to get on the keto diet, you must make sure that you eat foods that are high on fat and protein, aka keto-friendly foods.

Low-carb foods like fish, grass-fed meat, eggs, vegetables (grown above the ground,) natural fats like butter, olive oil or fatty dairy products such as cheese are great for people opting for a keto diet. Remember to drop foods that have carbs beyond 5 per cent. Here's a beginners guide to keto-friendly foods.

  1. Cheese- Cheese is probably the best thing to eat if on a keto diet with about 0.4 g carbs in one serving cheese, especially cheddar cheese can provide you with about 9.3 g fat. Moreover, you can also get about 7 grams of protein and 20% of the RDI(recommended daily intake) of calcium.
  2. Shirataki noodles- This popular form of noodles is one of the newest addition to the list. With as low as 1 gram of carbs and 5 calories per serving, shirataki noodles is one of the best foods for people on a keto diet and also having diabetes. Made out of a viscous fibre called glucomannan, shirataki noodles can absorb up to 50 times its weight in water. This amazing fibre is known to forms a gel and slows down food's movement through your digestive tract, helping decrease hunger and blood sugar spikes.
  3. Fish- High-fat fish such as salmon and tuna is highly beneficial for people opting for the keto diet. Fish such as salmon are not only rich in vitamins B, selenium and potassium but also contain very low carb-free.
  4. Tea- Sip on some amazing herbal and green tea. With absolutely no carbs green teas are rich in antioxidants and can also help suppress hunger. Just do not add any sugar in any of these teas and you have your perfect keto beverage.
  5. Meat- We are not talking about the unprocessed meats that you should immediately ditch. Healthy fresh meats are absolutely low carb and keto-friendly. Organic and grass-fed meat is one of the healthiest meats such as lambs that contain almost 0 g Carbs and 26.5g fats whereas goat contains absolutely no carbs and 23.4 g fats.
  6. Eggs- Eggs are always good. They are not only a good source of protein but also a perfect breakfast food for people on a keto diet. With carbs as low as 0.4 gm, 1 large egg contains about 5 g of healthy fats.
  7. Coconut fat- Coconut oils have umpteen benefits, right from lower blood pressure to help you lose weight. Coconut oil makes up for a perfect keto food with 0g carbs and fats upto 13.5g. This natural plant-based fat is what exactly you need if you are opting for a keto diet.
  8. Olive oil- Similar to coconut oil, olive oil is also known to be one of the healthiest oils. Olive oil can be used generously in salad dressing and for making different sauces as well. With 0 gm carbs, olive oil can provide you with about 13.5 g fats.
  9. Cauliflower- vegetables also form an essential part of the keto diet. While vegetables are touted to be a source of carbs as well but some of the vegetables especially some of the ones that grow over the ground are known to be low in carbs and rich in fibre to help you with the keto diet. Cauliflower for instance only contains 1.5 g carbs and about 0 g fat but is rich in vitamins, minerals and healthy fibres.
  10. Cabbage- Similarly cabbage serves you with about 1.6 g of carbs and 0g fat but is rich in healthy fibres and multivitamins to help your body fight diseases.
  11. Broccoli- Broccoli contains 1.9 g of Carbs and 0.1 g fats. However, even after the low fat intake, you can benefit from broccoli in a keto diet. It contains vitamins C, K and C and provides you with potassium and healthy fibre as well.
  12. Zucchini- With about 0.1 g of fats and 0.9g Carbs zucchini is another low-fat vegetable to include into your ketogenic diet. It can help you improve digestion, slows down ageing and lower blood sugar levels.
  13. Avocado- One of the best keto-friendly foods is Avocado. While it may give you about 11.8g carbs, it provides you with a whopping 21g fats. It is also a great source of potassium and dietary fibres.
  14. High-fat yoghurts- Apart from improving bone health and keeping stomach issues at bay, yoghurts also provide you with calcium, protein, potassium, phosphorus, etc. However, opting for a high-fat yoghurt can help you provide enough fat along with all the other nutrients in your keto diet.
  15. Macadamia nuts- Nuts play an essential part in the keto diet. High-fat nuts such as Macadamia nuts are an excellent option for people opting for a keto diet. While Macadamia nuts provide us with 3.7 g, it can also provide you with 21.5 g of fat in one serving.
  16. Pecan nuts- Another extremely keto-friendly nut is pecan nut that can provide you with about 20.8 g of fat. However, it also contains 3.8 g of carbs.
  17. Bone broth- If you are looking for soups for keto diet, sipping on some warm bone broth can be highly essential. Rich in nutrients and electrolytes, bone broth can act as a great way to sip on some fats.
  18. Cottage cheese- Cottage Cheese or Paneer as we call it in India is another excellent source of both patients and fats. With containing about 5 grams of carbs and 18 grams of protein, cottage cheese is known to suppress hunger and make you feel full that can help you with your keto diet.
  19. Berries- Looking for healthy fruits to include in a keto lifestyle. Berries such as blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, etc. are great for weight loss essentially because of its fibre content.
  20. Butter- Who doesn't want to lose weight while having some butter? Well, in a ketogenic diet you can. Butter contains almost 0g Carbs but over 22 g fats with makes it one of the best keto-friendly foods.
  21. Cream- Rich in fat cream is another yummy way to lose weight via a keto diet. You can add this cream to your salads or dessert to enjoy it. Fatty Cream is rich in conjugated linoleic acid, the fatty acid that may promote weight loss.
  22. Dark chocolate- Yet another yummy way to lose weight. Dark chocolates with over 80 percent of intensity can help you lose weight and also act as a healthy treat while you are dieting. Rich in antioxidants, dark chocolates also contain healthy fats.
  23. Pumpkin seeds- Seeds are the tiny and healthy ninja warriors against weight gain. Pumpkin seeds only have about 3.8 g of carbs but can provide you with about 11.8 g of fat making it a perfect keto food.
  24. Sunflower seeds- With about 6.7 g of carbs sunflower seeds can give you about 13.9 g of fats which can help you receive a lot of fat from tiny seeds. Rich in antioxidants and other nutrients, sunflower is a must-have healthy seed.
  25. Sesame seeds- Sesame seeds is one of the healthiest sources of fats that can provide you with about 13.9 g of fats with only giving you 6.6g carbs.
  26. Flaxseeds- Yet another amazing seed to help you lose weight via keto diet. Just a small amount can provide you with about 6 g of fats.
  27. Chia seeds- This miracle seed that can help you with a lot of stomach ailments and is also a rich source of healthy fibre can provide you with about 8.6 g of fats.
  28. Walnut- Walnut has been one of the best sources of healthy fat that is also great for your heart and brain health. You can opt for general walnuts or walnut oil. They contain almost 0g carbs and about 13.5 g of healthy fats.
  29. Ground beef- Another meat that is great keto-friendly food is beef. This red meat contains about 17g of fat with almost no carbs. Beef is also rich in other vital nutrients.

Here's a video of Keto Foods that you should include into your diet.

You must keep in mind that while the keto diet is said to be all about consuming fats, you cannot ignore the healthy fibres and other vital nutrients. The idea is to opt for healthy fats and cut down on carbs. Also, while there are a set of proven health benefits attached with the keto diet, it also has its fair share of controversies that you must watch out for. Your diet must be supervised by a certified health professional.

(This article is written for an informative purpose and should not be substituted for medical advice. Kindly consult your doctor before trying any tips.)