Men Die Sooner Than Women! Here's What Reduces Their Life Expectancy
Life Expectancy (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

While very few people can live as long as the Japanese do, women outlive men at least by ten years in almost every country of the world. Not like women are born with a super power, then why do women live longer than men?Throughout the past 100 years women have significantly outlived men, on whom war, heavy industry and cigarettes – among other things – have taken a heavier toll. Here are a few popular theories, some to do with biology, and some to do with behaviour.

Men Are More Likely To Suffer From Heart Diseases

According to a study published in the Harvard Heart Publications, men are more 50 percent more likely to suffer from a heart disease than women. The fact that men have lower estrogen levels than women may be part of the reason. But other medical conditions, such as poorly treated high blood pressure or unfavourable cholesterol levels, may contribute as well. Chronic stress in men may also contribute to heart disease.

Men Successfully Commit Suicide

This is true despite the fact that depression is more common in men than women. While women make more non-fatal suicide attempts, men are more likely to complete it. One reason for this could be that men are less likely to seek help for depression and other mental illness. Air Pollution Reduces Life Expectancy of Indians by 2.6 Years

Men Avoid Doctors

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality performed a study where they found that men are far more likely to skip routine health screens and far less likely to have seen a doctor of any kind  than women. If diagnosed with a disease, they are more likely to be non-adherent to treatment.

Men Smoke

Men outnumber women when it comes to smoking and tobacco abuse. According to World Health Organisation, about 40 percent of men worldwide smoke as compared to 9 percent of women. Life Expectancy Linked to a Person's Walking Speed: Study

Lightening Kills More Men than Women

Did you know that lightening consistently kills more men than women every year? While there are not many studies that explains the reason, one theory is that men participate in more leisure activities like camping and trekking that expose them to lightning strikes. Fried Chicken Causes Early Death! Popular Foods That Can Lower Your Life Span According To Science

Men Have a Suppressed Immunity

One reason men don’t live as long as women is because of their compromised immunity. Women are born with longer telomeres, components at the end of chromosomes that act as an index of cell age. People born with longer telomeres tend to live longer and have a better immunity.

Having the right genes certainly boosts your chances of making it to the century mark, but making a few lifestyle changes can help prevent the wrath of diseases and sometimes even injuries.