Planning to Consume Alcohol During Diwali? Expert Lays Down the Adverse Effects, Especially During Festivities
Adverse Effects of Alcohol, Especially During Festivities. (Photo Credit: Unsplash)

Happy Choti Diwali! Today we kick-start the full-fledged Diwali celebration which is tomorrow also called the 'Badi Diwali.' The festival of lights is celebrated with great zeal in our country and people all across the country celebrate the day by lighting up every nook and cranny of the country. Diwali is also almost synonymous to great food and mind-blowing sweets. However, what may sound like a buzzkill Diwali also has a lot of adverse effects on health. Various doctors and experts believe that people with Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) after major festivities like Diwali, and sweets are not alone to be blamed! Diwali Diet Tips 2018: How to Enjoy Sweets This Festive Season If You Have Diabetes. 

Alcohol intake is also seen to rise during Diwali. Experts believe that most people, especially the ones with health issues turn Diwali into an excuse to consume alcohol and most of the times also go overboard with it. Along with irresistible and aromatic, irresistible sweets and savouries, alcohol simply makes the situation worse. This menu acts as a perfect concoction for your Blood Pressure and Cholesterol levels to spike, risking the well-being of your Heart. Dr Hasmukh Rawat, Senior Interventional Cardiologist and HOD-Cardiology, Fortis Hospital, in this context says, 'Almost everyone considers consumption of alcohol as the primary method of celebration, forgetting the fact that it may put an end to festivities altogether.' He further goes on to describe the atrocities of alcohol consumption saying, 'When you consume alcohol regularly and in large quantities, it slows down your Heart rate and breathing levels, getting linked to High Blood Pressure (known as Hypertension). Over a period of time, Hypertension puts a strain on the Heart muscles, resulting in Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD); couple that with the high-calorie food intake during festivals. All the laddoos and 'Mithais' (sweets) are high on calories, causing increased pressure on the Heart.'

Here are a few major problems caused by alcohol consumption that has a chance of increased risk during this festival season according to Dr Hasmukh Rawat: 

High Blood Pressure: Also called Hypertension, high blood pressure can be disastrous. Blood Pressure increases with consumption of almost all kinds of alcoholic drink. You will be surprised to know that it takes about 2-4 weeks for your Blood Pressure to regain normalcy, even when alcohol consumption is completely stopped.

Arrhythmia (Irregular Heartbeats): Heart arrhythmia, also known as irregular cardiac dysrhythmia or simply put irregular heartbeats, is a group of heart conditions that make the heartbeat is irregular. Your heartbeat may become too fast or too slow. High alcohol consumption may contribute to Arrhythmias big time, leading to increased risk of other Heart problems.

Cardiomyopathy: While weakening the heart muscles, Cardiomyopathy makes it harder for your heart to pump blood to the rest of your body and can lead to heart failure. Drinking excessively can weaken the Heart muscle as it is a major contributor to Cardiomyopathy.

Stroke: Heavy drinkers usually have higher chances of suffering a Stroke at an early age, as compared to those who drink less. Leading to Cerebral Haemorrhage due to ruptured blood vessels, stroke is almost synonymous to heavy drinking and an unhealthy lifestyle. It is vital to understand that drinking too much alcohol contributes to a more severe form of Stroke at an early age in adults

Coronary Artery Disease: Also known as Ischemic heart disease (IHD), Coronary artery disease (CAD), is the most common of the cardiovascular diseases. While alcohol consumption solely may not lead to Coronary Artery Disease, but when coupled high-calorie food consumption, it can cause damage to the arteries.

Peripheral artery disease (PAD): Peripheral artery disease, a common circulatory problem which caused your arteries to narrow down may contribute to reduced blood flow to your limbs. Heavy drinking can increase the chances of Peripheral Artery Disease (narrowed blood vessels), which in turn can also increase your Blood Pressure and Triglyceride levels (a type of fat found in the blood), which me, in turn, may also cause weight gain.

Also, if you suffer from Congenital heart disease, also known as congenital heart defect which is a condition wherein your heart abnormality present at birth, you must visit the physician before festivities. You must keep alcohol at bay as it can raise the Blood Pressure, leading to abnormal heart rhythms; this can further aggravate the pre-existing heart disease