Sex Postion: ‘The Hook’ Is the Latest Sex Trend That Will Get You Hooked On to It!
Sex Postion: ‘The Hook’ Is the Latest Sex Trend That Will Get You Hooked On to It! (Photo Credit: Pexels)

Apart from beauty trends and hair trends, sex trends have also jumped on to the bandwagon of getting weirder and weirder. Very recently a new sex position that has become very popular is 'The hook'. This hottest sex trend of 2018 is reportedly driving people crazy and making them wilder on the bed. Making sex spicier, this new sex trend is everyone's favourite. Probably the best part about this sex trend is that it doesn't require you turn into a contortionist and get into positions that will make you look like fancy busts in the city of Rome.  Only some time back 'Peegasm' Sex Trend was ruling the internet, Here's How Holding on to Urine for Orgasm Can Cause Infection and Damage Your Kidneys

It doesn't involve any kind of gymnastic skills to ace this pose, in fact, it is as easy as a missionary. Just that there is a twist in the missionary pose that makes it different. Various media reports claim that the process simply involves the man getting on the top and the woman lying on her back. After getting into this comfy pose the woman then 'hooks' her legs over the man's shoulders. This happens while she is resting her ankles on his shoulders. Also, there was a recent sex trend that is said to have been existing since long called the Cuckolding: Why Do Some Men Want to See Their Wives Have Sex with Other Men? Have you heard of it?

This pose allows the man more room for him to lean over while holding his weight on his hand. It is also easier for the woman to guide him to help maximum penetration. This sex pose is claiming to give fuller satisfaction to both the man and the woman. Also, did you hear about Pegging sex trend that was sweeping the internet a few days ago? What is Pegging? This Strap-On Sex Trend Where Women Penetrate Men Gives Females The Ultimate Sexual Control