As COVID-19 cases in the UK are on a rise, a new set of COVID-19 restrictions are in place. And one of the restrictions comes on having sex! In what is being called the 'sex ban' policy, couples who live in high or high alert areas will not be allowed to stay together overnight. But there's a catch in here that's got everyone confused, it is called the support bubble. As per the new rules, everyone living under tier two or tier three shutdown areas will not be able to engage with their sexual partner, except if they are in a bubble. So what exactly does this support bubble mean? A similar restriction introduced here back in June faced ridicule by the people.

England PM Boris Johnson announced a ban on "household mixing" which prohibits people living in separate homes to meet up together indoors. Although couples can meet outdoors the restrictions now apply to indoor gatherings. But meeting outdoors is not really a favourable option given the cold setting in. The spokesperson for PM told The Guardian, "The purpose of the measures that were put in place is to break the chain in transmission between households and the scientific advice is there is greater transmission of the virus indoors." Sex and coronavirus has always been a topic of interest regarding the spread of the disease. Currently all of London, Essex County, Downing Street and most of the north of England are within the Tiers Two and Three. Tier 2 and Tier 3 include high and very high-risk areas. The exception comes in for those in 'support bubble'. Let us understand what it is. Coronavirus Precautions: Can You Get COVID-19 From Having Sex or Kissing Your Partner? Here’s What You Should Know.

What Does Support Bubble Mean?

As per the UK Gov website, a support bubble is a close support network between a household with only one adult in the home (known as a single-adult household) and one other household of any size. In a support bubble, you can think yourself as single household with people from other household. You form close contact with members of your own household.

So as per the new rules, a one-adult household member can go and visit another single-adult household. However, if an adult stays with more members, you cannot go over to spend the night in their home. In case someone from either household develops the symptoms, all members have to self-isolate. And you can only meet indoors with your person from support bubble.

An exemption has also been made for 'established relationships' but what accounts as established has not been elaborated on. For those who are living in with their partners, this makes no difference but meeting someone at the bar or going on a Tinder date will not be allowed.

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