Going Full Bush! 8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Shave Your Pubic Hair
Go full bush! (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

Women spend a great deal of money and endure a lot of pain to get rid of pubic hair. But here’s a good reason to say goodbye to cruel razors, painful waxing strips and toxic hair removing creams. In June 2018, Vogue announced that “The Full Bush Is the New Brazilian!” declaring a war against shaving pubic hair. For a very long time, women have been brought up to believe that keeping the pubic region bushy is unhygienic. But far from being unhygienic, a full bush may have some great health benefits.

Body hair is natural so why do we keep getting rid of something that was naturally meant to be there on our body? And not to forget, if you thought it was just about the thought process and not about your health, you couldn't be more wrong. Did you know having pubic hair is healthy and it is there around your vagina for reasons you should thank god for? No wonder women have been finally gathering the courage to grow out their pubic hair and embracing the full bush. Here are some great reasons why you should too.

  1. Pubic hair prevents dirt germs from entering the vagina: One of the essential task that your pubic hair performs is that it acts as a gatekeeper for your vagina. If you want harmful germs and bacteria do not enter your va-jay-jay, you might want to keep the pubic hair.
  2. It prevents your vagina from getting drier: Along keeping out genitals warm, it prevents the excessive dryness of your vagina. It maintains just the right temperature your vagina needs to breathe.
  3. Protects from Skin Irritation: Waxing or shaving comes along with a lot of irritation and discomfort. Having pubic hair spares you from most such problems.
  4. Regulates the right vaginal temperature: It maintains the proper temperature of your vagina to keep it healthy and contributes to the self-cleaning process of the vagina.
  5. Helps capture pheromones: Did you know your natural smell comes from your vagina and your partner can find it attractive. Your pubic hair absorbs the fragrance and can actually do you a favour.
  6. Protects from yeast infections: Pubic hair acts as a natural sponge and acts as a barrier against yeast infections. Pubic hair also helps your vagina get rid of excess moisture which in turn reduces the chances of yeast infections.
  7. Protects from STIs: It is a fact that shaving or waxing actually causes little cuts on your skin even if you can't see them. That makes a perfect transmission ground for STIs. Keeping your pubic hair only helps you protect from various infections.
  8. Reduces friction or chances of injury: Any activity you perform, it causes friction around your vaginal area. Having pubic hair actually acts as a cushion for your vagina. It reduces friction and serves as a protection guard.

And above all what harm is your pubic hair doing to you? However, having said all this, it is very important to keep your pubic hair clean if your want to keep them. There is flip side to everything and same with this so groom it well and enjoy a lot of health benefits. What do you think about giving Brazilian wax a break? Let us know your views in the comments section below.