World Toilet Day 2019: Bathroom Habits That Are Making You Sick
Bathroom Habits (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Your bathroom could be spotless but in reality, they are nasty breeding grounds for bacteria and germs that could mess with your health. And while you must be striving hard to maintain great hygiene in your bathroom, the fact is that even the biggest health nuts are prone to some bad habits. Your bathroom habits can give you great insight into the state of both your gastrointestinal and bladder health. Here are some of the gag-worthy things you might be doing that are making you sick.

Sitting On the Toilet for Too Long

It should not take you more than five minutes to release once you have the urge. Sitting on the toilet seat for too long and straining for bowel movements can have unpleasant side effects. Sitting too long on throne can potentially cause haemorrhoids, an abnormal mass of blood vessels that occurs internally in the anal cavity. Haemorrhoids is accompanied by bleeding, paining and itching, so if you notice any of these symptoms, talk to your doctor immediately. From Nail Biting to Gossiping, How These BAD Habits Can Be GOOD for Your Health

Sitting on the Toilet Before You Feel the Urge

It might be tempting to finish your business before you head out for the day, but forcing it if it is not going to happen, may not be a great idea. It puts you at a risk of piles if you are bearing down and straining for too long. If you already suffer from haemorrhoids, you will worsen your case if you remain seated for more time on the toilet. What Happens When You Chew Too Much Gum? 5 Unexpectedly Bad Side Effects of the Gum Habit

Not Going When You Feel the Need

You must go to the toilet when nature calls instead of holding your bowel movements in. Not releasing your bowel movements can lead to severe constipation. Your colon absorbs as much nutrients and water as it can from your food, and not releasing it can make the stool harder.

Flushing the Toilet with the Lid Up

The toilet lid is there for a reason. This might sound gross but the facael matter and urine can actually fly as far as six feet away from the toilet pot in each flush. Therefore, always close the lid before flushing to keep the germs from spreading. Global Handwashing Day Dos and Don'ts: Here's Where You Are Going Wrong with Washing Hands Correctly and Why

Not Washing Hands after Peeing

It may seem like no big deal to skip your hand wash after urinating. But if you are doing so, you could be ingesting microscopic bacteria, viruses and germs that can make you very sick. So the next time you suffer from vomiting, diarrhoea or upset stomach, you can blame your bad habit.

Leaving Your Toothbrush near The Toilet

If you are keeping your toothbrush out in the counter, be careful where you are storing it. Placing it outside near the open toilet can allow a fine mist spray of germs into the air right onto your toothbrush. Also, ensure that you change your toothbrush every three months to avoid falling sick.

If you did not know, moist things like your washcloth can be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. The only surefire way to keep bacteria at bay is to grab a new washcloth before you wash your face each time. Also, make sure you switch your towel out every couple of days as damp towels also harbour lots of bacteria.