In the year 2020, gym-goers had a tough time as gyms, health clubs, swimming pools and yoga centres were shut for many months due to the coronavirus pandemic. It was a tough task for health freaks to maintain their fitness level as during the initial months of 2020, even parks were closed and there was less scope for activities like cycling, jogging to name a few. However, there is a saying, 'Where there's a will, there's a way'. People who were determined to stay fit somehow managed to maintain their fitness by staying indoors. Due to this, many fitness trends emerged in the year 2020 like virtual online training, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and more. Regular Exercise Can Strengthen Immune System! Here Are Five Easy Home Exercises to Boost Immunity.

Five Fitness Trends That Emerged in 2020

1. Virtual Training 

This was one of the favourite options for people to stay fit in 2020, as in this, one can exercise at their own space via live training sessions online. That's not all, virtual training also gives an opportunity to connect with the fitness community and track your progress level. There are many fitness apps which offer a membership plan to attend fitness sessions. Apart from this, there are even personal floor trainers who can provide training via online platforms. You just need to have a resistance tube band, pilates band, training band and a yoga mat to attend virtual online training.

2. Self-Isolation Exercise 

During the pandemic period, a majority of people preferred staying indoors. In fear of catching coronavirus infections, people avoided visiting parks and other public places. Bodyweight resistance exercise and callisthenics like push-ups, planks, etc were popular exercises that fitness freaks preferred to perform at home. Some people even purchased training bands, got pull-up bar installed at home to train different muscles. Men’s Health: From Hanging Leg Raises to Reverse Crunches; Here Are 5 Exercises to Get V-Cut Abs.

Self-Isolation Circuit Workout

3. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Performing a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for at least 30 mins three to four times a week can strengthen your immune system along with fat loss. Tabata is the most popular form of HIIT, which has one set of 4 mins that includes 8 rounds of 20 seconds each with a resting period of 10 secs between each round. HIIT exercise can be performed virtually by following different fitness channels. How to Reduce Body Fat in 4 Mins; Beginner's Guide for Tabata Workout at Home.

4. Prison Workout

Prisoners in jail are locked inside bars, but few of them somehow manage to have a sharp physique by performing bodyweight exercise with less resting period and high intensity. Considering that mentality, you shouldn't always be dependant on a gym or fitness equipment. Different types of push-up exercises with a good amount of quality reps along with bodyweight squat can be enough to maintain your physique. However, it should be done with great intensity and challenging forms. For cardio, there is no more intense exercise than the burpee. Prison workout has emerged as one of the favourite workouts in 2020 after the world was hit by coronavirus pandemic.

5. Tree Workout

The tree in the backyard of your home or in your society can be used as a prop for performing different exercises. However, you need to have a TRX band with you to do exercises like rows, single-leg squats and a whole host of other exercises utilising your bodyweight to build strength. Tree workout was also quite popular in the year 2020.

Working Out Using Tree, Logs & Rocks

The above workouts which were popular in 2020 are also expected to trend in the year 2021. In the upcoming year, you should promise yourself to eat clean, perform exercises regularly and lead a healthy life.

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