Which guy doesn't desire an aesthetic physique? For achieving this, a lot of dedication, discipline and will power is required. Most importantly, patience and a 'never say die' attitude is essential when you are aiming for the desired body. Let's take a look at five exercises for V-Cut abs as we observe Men's Health Week 2020. Men’s Health Week 2020: From Cleaning Foot to Keeping Your Armpit Fresh, Here Are Five Personal Hygiene Habits Every Male Should Follow.

What Are V-Cut Abs?

V-Cut abs, also known as the adonis belt, sex lines, v cuts or v abs are the muscles on the lower sides of the abdomen that form a V-shape. V-Cut abs are aesthetically pleasing. In order to achieve this v-shape on abdominal muscles, one has to do rigorous workout and mainly concentrate on their diet. Apart from performing regular core exercises, it is also necessary to focus on deadlifts, squats, overhead press along with other compound exercises. It must also be noted that genetics play an important role in achieving V-Cut abs. Some people may easily develop this physique, however, there are some who have thicker skin around their abdomen or even have uneven abs, and might find it difficult to get that v-shape. Nevertheless, following below exercises with a good diet can help you achieve a strong core and perfectly well-defined rectus abdominis muscles. Men's Health Week 2020: From Cardiovascular Diseases to Erectile Dysfunction, Common Health Conditions Males Can Develop with Age!

Five Exercises For V-Cut Abs 

1. Hanging Leg Raises

It is necessary to work on burning fat around lower abdominal muscles to get those v-cut abs. Performing three to four sets of hanging leg raises of 10-12 reps perfectly can help in removing lower belly fat.

2. Reverse Crunches

This exercise works not only on lower abdominal muscles but also on the upper and middle abs. It has to be performed smoothly without putting any stress on the neck to avoid injury. Reverse crunches should be performed in four sets of fifteen reps each.

3. Mountain Climber

This exercise is also included in high-intensity interval training. If performed with pace, it shoots the heart rate and effectively helps in fat loss.

4. Leg Flutters 

This exercise might look simple, but it effectively works on lower abdominal muscles. Leg flutters should be regularly included in your core training for achieving V-shape abs.

5. Seated Leg Tucks

Seated leg tucks work on obliques, middle abs, upper abs and also on the lower abs. Stability and good balance are required while performing this exercise.

In order to achieve V-Cut abs, make sure that you include fresh green vegetables in your diet regularly and eat food cooked in very less oil. Cold drinks, desserts, bakery products and refined flour should be a strict no if you are aiming for those six-pack or eight-pack abs. Even if you don't reach V-Cut shape abs, you shouldn't get disheartened as these routines will at least help in reducing your visceral fat percentage that can significantly reduce the risk of heart diseases. For better results, it is recommended to get trained under a fitness trainer and get a proper diet plan from a dietician.

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