Hong Kong’s Four-Bedroom Mansion Could Be World’s Most Expensive Home; Goes on Sale at Rs. 25 Thousand Crores
Hong Kong’s Four-Bedroom Mansion (Photo Credits: Christie's International Real Estate)

A property at Hong Kong is appearing on the news headlines these days, and with its net worth, it could possibly become the world’s most expensive home. Being the ‘world’s expensive home’, one would naturally expect at least hundreds of bedrooms, bathrooms and lavish accommodations, just beyond your wildest dreams. But to your surprise, this house does not have any of them. It is a four-bedroom mansion which has hit the market for a jaw-dropping 3.5 billion dollars (Rs. 25 thousand crores). If it is sold, it would certainly become the world’s most expensive home. World's Most Expensive Sex Toy Costs USD 1.3 Million, Know What Are Some Other Expensive Sex Toys And How They Work! 

A home is a basic need for everyone. It is your place where you cook, clean, dance, eat, sleep and all you want. Now, you must be thinking this four-bedroom is costing way too much to do all of it, and you are correct. It is not a palatial estate. Bloomberg explained the house to be on 16,330 square-feet of land, with a swimming pool, parking for two cars and some 1990s décor. It is all about the location at 24 Middle Gap Road, which is labelled being the posh offering a rare opportunity for someone to buy in one of the city’s most sought-after enclaves.

A senior consultant at Executive Homes Hong Kong Ltd. Lawrence Brown was quoted in the same report as saying, “It’s more about the land it’s on than the house itself. The house is quite old. If they are going to pay that much, they would probably knock it down or put another nicer house.” At present, where everyone looks for unique architecture, one cannot really overlook the location.

Time and again, we have seen people spending as much on their properties because they feel it is necessary. We eagerly wait to know who becomes the new owner of this four-bedroom home and if it breaks the world record for being the most expensive home ever sold. Reports suggest last year, Villa Les Cedres, a 188-year-old, 14-bedroom mansion in the south of France was listed for 409 million dollars (Rs. 3,000 crores).