Finding the right investment can make a massive difference when it comes to planning for future wealth. With that said, those who lack experience with investing often end up losing a lot of money if they decide to try to do it alone.

Most people would not do their own plumbing or electrical work when it comes down to it, so why would it be any different when it comes to investing?

Shang Capital has popped up on the investor’s radar after a recent wave of positive reviews as a result of positive returns for their investors.

The firm takes pride in itself by forming a determined, focused and diverse team, specifically designed to listen to the needs of their clients, formulating a tailored plan as unique as each client. Shang Capital serves investors worldwide, being a key option in the global investment community.

Tailored Approach

Due to its humble size, Shang Capital has been able to offer tailored investment solutions to every client. They do not believe in the traditional “cookie-cutter” approach and take into consideration personal investment goals, attitude to risk, and many other variables, putting the interests of their clients first.

Not only that, but with a rich history beginning in 1998, Shang Capital have weathered the storms of multiple economic crashes while maintaining their positive spirit, focus and innovation. With this in mind in addition to its increasing popularity, Shang Capital has quickly become a turn-key solution for new and experienced investors alike.

Global Research

What stands out to us, which can’t always be found at other top investment firms, is the research arm of Shang Capital. The research team at this firm holds an intense focus on pinpointing trends in places like currency and commodities markets, as well as equity and fixed income options.

We haven’t found many other firms with such an extensive structure of analysis as widespread as this. Their Research Division covers over 20 stock markets, 30 economies and 50 commodities around the world.

It is no wonder that those looking for sustainable investing in this firm will find a culture of excellence, expert research, and personalized client solutions – a perfect mix for many investors.

Excellent Service

Unlike traditional brokerages where generally high-net-worth investors receive the best service Shang Capital ensures that every investor is treated the same, regardless of the size of their wealth.

After visiting their location and watching their team at work, it quickly became apparent that it is a force of bright-minded individuals who are relaxed but focused, with a healthy amount of work and play.

We were not allowed access to the trading floor for data protection reasons, however the investor telephone calls that we did hear were coming from the personal telephones of the brokers – either sitting in the office café or private employee lobby.

These conversations were not even on the topic of investing; it sounded like a telephone call you’d make to your best friend; you could get a real feeling of lasting personal relationships being built in front of your eyes.

Commission Structure

When it comes to commission, Shang Capital take an interesting approach. Typically with similar brokerages, commission would be taken out of the front-end, usually before any profits are made from an investment.

However, Shang Capital don’t believe in that. They believe in only taking a commission on any work they have done that has been successful. This is wonderful news for investors because you do not have to pay a penny until you have made a pound.

Our Rating

Throughout its entire history, Shang Capital have been at the forefront of creating secure financial futures for thousands of people. This firm takes a long-term approach, making sure to be available for their clients as a helping hand through life’s challenges, triumphs and fluctuations.

From their brilliant work ethos, positive attitude and great service to clients, Shang Capital has rightfully earned a 5-star rating as one of the best investment companies to consider working with in 2021-2022.