Our audience is keen on reading stories of entrepreneurs creating a difference in the world. Your profile speaks volumes of the outstanding work you have done. What inspired you to become a blogger/ influencer?

Thank you so much for your kind words. Back in 2012, when I started first, I was too fond of Fashion gurus/bloggers like Kayture, Camila Coelho, Natalie Off Duty and more. There was no Instagram back then. I used to stalk their blogs and read them daily without fail. It was so intriguing for me to see such beautiful HD Pictures showcasing terrific style. My inclination was too obvious towards fashion and it all started then as a hobby. I would always sit and daydream about the dresses I would wear and the possible combinations I could create.

What kind of content do you create? How did you find inspiration in fashion?

My content mostly includes style hacks, anecdotes from my real life, hustle stories, travel style, body confidence, Law of attraction, etc. Nowadays, I am more focused on creating stuff that helps women find better ways to style themselves and feel better about themselves.

I love minimalism to no end, however, I love to give it some twist. I love experimenting with Sarees. With time, I have grown to live Indo western looks, I have designed a lot of new styles in the category and might launch a new line soon. Apart from that, I can spend all my time on Pinterest looking at fashion posts. Inspiration is everywhere; at times, I will be engrossed watching a show and in the middle of nowhere I might like what one of the characters is wearing. My third eye for fashion is always activated.

When did your first collaboration happen? How has your business grown since then?

My first collaboration was Daniel Wellington (After 4 months of me launching my blog). It was a barter collaboration and it was quite lucky for me. After some other collaborations, my blog jumped on a bandwagon. I now have a tick mark against most of the brands I wanted to work with then. I always joke with my friends about how the name of my blog attracted endless 'hustle' for me.

In these times when every other person claims himself to be an influencer/ blogger, how do you keep up with the growing competition on the platform especially when every other day, you have got new algorithms to beat?

It has become more of a rat race now. People expect instant profits by posting just pictures. Some of them are addressed as 'bloggers' but there's a blog missing. I keep myself away from the throng and focus my energy flowing into doing better than my last time. The thing that bifurcates bloggers is 'Connect and Content'. The content was and will always be the king that beats all algorithms. Also, who wants to go to an Instagram page where the interaction is dead? New algorithms will always be there and Change will always be a constant. Consistency with some newness works each time.

How do you keep yourself away from negativity? What serves as an inspiration to keep creating more?

Ignorance is bliss and I am the most blissful person on social media. Believe me when I say this; while boys troll you, girls on the other hand deeply try to wound you. In the age and time when we talk about 'girl power' and 'sisterhood', It's hard to digest hate coming from women. I believe none of the happy people in the world would spread negative vibes on anyone's page. I try never to get into an argument that could bring me further guilt and negativity. Sometimes, hate comments motivate me to keep creating better. I like to beat my best posts. I make content for many of my supporters who encourage my work. That's how I live in a shell of healthy competition (with myself).

Who is your role model? Any favorite Instagrammer/ blogger?

Recently, I watched 'Selling Sunsets' on Netflix. Christine Quinn is queen and she completely won my heart with her unapologetic attitude and gorgeous fashion sense.

What is your dream about taking your blogging journey to the next level. How do you plan to grow next?

Growth is definitely on my mind. I have planned to start something new on my Youtube Channel apart from Fashion. Hope it helps people. I just want people to look back and say, "My life changed due to this girl." That would be real growth for me.

What advice would you like to give to the coming of age bloggers/ influencers?

There is a lot of sweat behind the shine. Get ready to be consistently on your toes. Never compromise your mental health due to competition and cyberbullies.

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