Jake Hoffman | The Toronto Stock Exchange traded company (TSXV:JK.V) equalizes culinary services for pets with human standards and disrupting a US$98 billion pet-food market with their novel food delivery experience for pets.

JustKitchen is one of the most aggressive entrants into the ghost-kitchen explosive arena. They have demonstrated how growing companies can tread in the paths of giants and stay alive. Better than alive – JustKitchen takes significant strides in this market with their unique business model and global expansion in progress (including the U.S., Hong Kong and the Philippines). Their HUB/SPOKES delivery structure for regional ghost kitchens is estimated by top industry analysts to produce over US$50 million in annual revenues per country, and this is only the ‘human’ side of the business.

With JK’s recent announcement, they have shown that international companies can be attentive to the voice of their consumers. Pets have become nothing short of full-fledged family members in households worldwide, and this particular new-age notion comes with a loving lifestyle agenda that includes, among many other things, migrated human habits of living such as hair-styling parlors and – yes – gourmet dining choices for pets.

Pets love take-out and delivery. Some of the top rated TikTok, YouTube videos and memes show dogs and cats getting over-excited with anticipation by hearing their human partner’s order narrative for a local pizza or a burger. JustKitchen took this vision to the next level with making pet food ordering an integral part of the ghost-kitchen and delivery experience of humans. To be clear, the novelty in their approach is not in the pet-food ordering itself, but in the streamlined  and natural integration of pet-food delivery with the human one. It is not a separate app and a separate interface, but rather a seamless experience of the same process and application used for ordering and delivery by the human side of the family.

JK launches the services in Taiwan with the famous pet brand of ‘Wow Chow’ and is expected by market investors to expand the service globally within 2021. Investment banks and analysts following the company are forecasting massive growth of JustKitchen business over the next three years with share price target of over $C3.00 (opening at $C1.27 today).