There is nothing Kellie Rastegar can’t do. On top of being a wife and a mother of 3, Kellie Rastegar goes from being a top female executive, customer service phenom, and creative visionary by day to philanthropist and investor in the arts by night. After getting her start in the corporate flight attendant world, Kellie was able to leverage her talents into work with Jim Carrey, Jennifer Aniston, and Johnny Depp who brought her on to work on the sets of some of his biggest films. 

Now Kellie Rastegar is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Rastegar Property where she is bringing her celebrity mindset and aesthetic to the worlds of private equity and real estate investment. Rastegar Property, which Kellie co-founded with her husband Ari Rastegar, Founder & CEO of Rastegar Property, is changing the perception around private equity real estate. Rastegar Property now boasts a multimillion-dollar (soon to be billion-dollar) portfolio due to Kellie’s experience with celebrity relationship building and Ari’s ability to close any deal. With Ari’s energy and Kellie’s vision, Rastegar Property has solidified itself as a barrier breaker in the worlds of private equity and real estate investment by shaking off the perception of old-world stuffiness. Kellie’s foresight has brought Rastegar Property to a place where investors can make money as well feel proud of their investments, making them the private equity real estate company of the future 

Often times, people are afraid to go into business with family members or loved ones, however, Kellie and Ari are flawless teammates because they thrive off of each other’s energy and perfectly complement each other’s skills. Acting in tandem, this dynamic duo pushes the boundaries on a day to day basis as they continue to build their company with a clear vision in mind.