Koreans celebrate New Year's Day at the start of the year on the lunar calendar. This year Korean New Year will fall on 1st February. Originated from the Chinese Lunar Calendar, the celebration lasts for three days, the day before Korean New Year, Korean New Year itself, and the day after Korean New Year. The Korean Lunar year is also known as Seollal. This special holiday commemorates the first day of the Korean Lunar Calendar. It is one of the important traditional Korean holidays in South Korea. Chinese New Year 2022 Date and Significance: Know Zodiac Sign for the New Year and CNY Customs, Rituals and Traditions.

History Of Korean New Year

Seollal celebrations scripted in the Book of Sui and the Book of Tang, are early recorded histories of The Silla Kingdom. Seollal is a unique Korean tradition, influenced by China, and is based on the lunar cycle. Korea's own record of the new year celebration that was compiled in the 13th century is found in 'Samguk yusa' i.e Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms. In Korean culture, each year represents an animal from the set of 12 animals which are mouse, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. The order of the animals is thought to have been based on the sequence in which they were invited to see Buddha.

About Seollal Celebration And Traditions

The Lunar Year is a three Day celebration in Korea, with New Year's Day being a family holiday. The eve of the New Year starts with fireworks and crackers and ringing the historic Boshingak Bell. Seollal is a cultural holiday rooted in Confucianism that is celebrated on the first day of Korea’s lunar calendar.

People in Korea celebrate Seollal by wearing traditional dress 'Hanbok', preparing traditional soup thinly sliced rice cakes or a variation with dumplings such as the recipe for Korean dumplings known as Mandoo. Furthermore,  Koreans perform ancestral rituals called 'Charye' to remember and pay respect to their ancestors. For 2022 Seollal falls on Tuesday, February 1st, 2022 with January 31st and February 2nd also part of the official holiday.

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