With so much happening around us, we often wonder what is it that really helps humans to keep a firm eye on their goals anyway and not move an inch away from them. Though there are many things and reasons that people must consider to consistently move ahead towards their goals in life even amidst hardships and trying times, Tera Carissa Hodges says, "Keep faith, my dear friend." Who is Tera Carissa, you ask? This powerful lady and professional is amongst those who have been making a lot of buzz across the entrepreneurial world for all the good reasons. Believing in her dreams and incessant hard work, she has created for herself a strong career that has the power to influence not just the ladies out there but also the whole wide world.
From the very beginning, if anything that attracted Tera Carissa the most, it was the idea to create something of her own, a brand or a name that could provide value to people and do  good for them. She stuck to her goals like a bee and today, after turning all her hurdles into opportunities, as she calls herself an alchemist, Tera Carissa has carved her unique niche in the entrepreneurial world as the founder and CEO of her media company named 'LR Global Media Group'. Wait a minute, that's not all for this incredibly talented woman. Tera Carissa has transformed the lives of thousands of women as faith-based empowerment and life coach. She is an author and a speaker as well. Tera Carissa has become a world traveller for faith-based outreach, empowerment speaking and charitable giving.
So far, she has coached and changed the lives of more than 10K women across 25 countries and also, as the faith-based empowerment speaker, has headlined conferences at the global level. Today, as a well-renowned coach, she has earned a 7-figure coaching business that aims to change people's lives, especially women from different backgrounds and industries, with faith-based principles.
Tera Carissa highlights that every endeavour and project of hers is directed towards empowering women. This has led her to launch robust initiatives like ilovemytestimony.com for helping women own their story so that their story never owns them and another named successbullying.us, a special website dedicated to normalize seeing women as successful and empower them by spotlighting the bullying tactics others use on them. Her work and her genuine intentions for empowering women have earned her global recognition and support from other faith leaders, celebs, thought leaders and many others. Her work and success also got her featured on many internationally recognized media outlets and publications.
It was only in 2016 that she launched her media group full time to provide branding, media placement, and other media strategies for getting her clients their desired success. Tera Carissa is a degreed and licensed professional who also leads live faith empowerment calls almost every day, specifically for women from across 50 countries to access faith-based principles and alter their lives for the better.