What an incredible gift it would be to be born with an artistic mind and the ability to bring those artistic ideas to life. Not everyone is born with this ability, but Saman Ansari is a professional make-up artist who has used her artistic mind to bring beauty into the lives of others. She is not just a makeup artist, but also a beauty blogger, content developer, and an influencer.

From her early age, she used to find beauty and inspiration everywhere and always kept herself abreast with the latest trends in tools, technique and styles. She has a natural ability to enhance, manipulate or beautify people. Thus, considering her abilities, her parents supported her and advised her to pick up this profession.

Being just 20, she has a clear understanding of colours, lines and angles of the face and body texture. She even understands the basics of every look that has been conceptualised by her.

On her path, she was influenced by many people and was passionate about producing unique and living appearances, which resulted in high demand for her. According to her, a makeup artist can specialise in a multitude of areas, such as creating special effects for a film, assisting brides on their wedding day, or styling models for long periods of time, all of these contributed to her inspiration.

As an artist, one must possess patience, tact, strong communication skills, and, most crucially, the capacity to work under pressure. Most importantly, customer happiness is critical since one satisfied client leads to the acquisition of many more. Saman acquires all these traits which make her unique in the field of beauty.

“An ensemble is not complete without the correct makeup,” she said when talking about make-up artists. “For shoots and appearances, celebrities and clients rely on their favourite Makeup artist. So there's a lot of demand out there, and if you're very creative, passionate, and have the correct skillset, no one can stop you from succeeding,” she further added.

In the midst of the pandemic, she is assisting covid-affected people by teaching online make-up sessions to over 500 students and donating the proceeds to those in need. She is continually updating her work to stay up with the times, altering the look of her website, showcasing new art, and telling new stories.

She has cooperated with prestigious brands such as Sugar Cosmetics, Recode USA, and more than 250 brands, bringing their vision to life with a flair. She has a significant Instagram following of 220K followers and hopes to reach 1 million followers later this year or sooner, with people following her from all around the world.

Along with her graduation, she is currently running an academy where she teaches the fundamentals of make-up to a large number of students. She has huge plans for her academy: she wants to expand branches, create new cosmetic items, and possibly work on a fashion show as a runway makeup artist.

Motivating the upcoming make-up artist she said, “ Yes, you are the one if you have a passion for self-expression through a live canvas, a deep love for cosmetics, and a desire to play with colours. All you need to do now is practise, be adventurous, maintain your work up to date with the latest trends, and find a makeup artist you respect.

Saman believes in everything you do should be done with love, passion, and dedication!