New Year 2020 Resolutions: Mental Health Resolutions You Should Set for Yourself
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We have finally entered the last lap of 2019, and it's once again time for our timelines to be flooded with Christmas Parties, New Year Resolutions and of course. the usual Holiday season pictures. Whether you are a stickler for the New Year, New Me ideology or believe that lifestyle changes can be brought about any time throughout the year, you cannot deny one fact - resolutions do work. The only key factor, of course, is our own motivation to keep at it. And while we have all been there, buying new gym memberships, stocking up our pantry with healthier food items, and of course pledging to work hard on each of our problem areas, there is one area that most of us continue to ignore - our mental health. When was the last time you made a New Year resolution or took small steps to ensure your peace of mind?

Sure, we binge watch on all the soul-searching movies, yearn to ‘travel and finally discover ourselves’ or even take the much-needed step of making a therapist appointment. But more often than not, we forget to prioritise our mental health through the roller coaster of life. However, there are small simple steps that you can take even now, to ensure that you are on the track to decoding your mind and understanding your emotions, rather than just sidelining them. And the only investment you need to make, of course, is that of time. Who Started Making New Year's Resolutions? Know Origin of This Popular Practice Ahead of New Years' Eve 2020.

1. Journaling

Remember when we were kids, and could go on and on about any topic, just for the grades? Writing essays and diaries was our jam, and more of us had those super-cute “extremely safe” locked diaries, that still lay around in some storage box, filled with our little secrets. Journaling, unlike popular belief, is nothing new. However, it is absolutely revolutionary. Merely taking out 5 minutes of your life to sit with your thoughts, and pour them out on paper, can do wonders to understand ourselves better. And while there are more than easier ways of penning down our thoughts, thanks to the thousands of trusted Notes and My Diary apps on your phone, nothing beats the charm of the good old diaries. Eco-Friendly New Year 2020 Resolutions: Spare a Thought for The Planet by Making These Lifestyle Changes in Your Daily Routine!

2. Meditation

Can you talk about prioritising mental health without mentioning meditation? Probably not. However, the meditation that we are talking about is not about sitting in the designated asanas and chant soothing mantras. It can be anything from concentrating solely on the flames of a scented candle in an otherwise dimmed room or even listening to your favourite music while stargazing every night. Meditation is just a way to calm your nerves, get your heart soothing and feeling at peace, however, you may want to do it. Make meditation an essential part of your lifestyle in 2020.

3. Working Out

No, we are not talking about enrolling into the closest gym, just so your membership goes in vain. Working out is more about using your energy to sweat and relishing the release of endorphins that follows. It could be by running on a treadmill or dancing to Bollywood numbers, or even just going for an early morning jog.

Pro Tip - If you also find yourselves making the ‘I don't have time to do all these things’ excuse, just go out walking or running while listening to your favourite songs, and it could also count as your meditation time.

4. The Much-Hyped Me-Time

Ahh, as all the self-help books, social media influencers and movies say it, you need to take out some dedicated “me time”. What we often forget is, what qualifies as ‘me time’. And sorry to burst your bubble, but scrolling through social media or mindlessly binging on shows does not make it to the list. ‘Me Time’ is more about taking out time to stay alone with your thoughts. Whether it is the uncomfortable nudging voice you have been trying to avoid, or the rather terrifying silence, that you want to kill with loud music. Take out me-time to feel comfortable with yourself.

5. Prioritising Oneself / Talking About Your Problems

And finally, the most important New Year Resolution that can probably help in your mental wellness journey - talk about your issues. Now the problem with talking about problems is that you might feel like you are burdening someone else who is going through their journey. But there is an easy solution, and it is two-part. The first being, surround yourself with people who truly want nothing more than your well-being, just like you do for them. And secondly, try simply asking someone if they have the mental capacity to listen to your problems. Just listen to them. Because more often than not, we already know the solutions to our biggest issues, we just need someone else who would care about you enough and remind you that while it may be your battle, you are definitely not alone in it!

We hope that these mental health resolutions help you begin 2020 with all the enthusiasm and excitement, and bring you closer to your wellness goals! Happy New Year!