The festival of lights, lanterns and crackers is here. Diwali 2020 begins today with the celebration of Vasu Baras in some parts of the country. This five-day celebration will go on till November 16. It is one of the most joyful times of the year, as people deck up their homes, prepare special food, burst crackers as celebrations, and visit each others homes for Deepavali. But while families celebrate with joy and jubilation, pets are often terrified with the loud sound of the firecrackers. Cats and dogs go and sit in corners, sometimes even refuse to eat food because they are scared of the sound and bright lights. While the pets do have a roof and are comfortable around their humans, stray animals are more at risk. Although, this time there are certain guidelines about bursting firecrackers in this festival season, animals have sensitive ears which makes them all the more scared about any loud noise. Here we give you some easy tips to take care of your pets during Diwali.

How to Take Care of Pets During Diwali?

  • Close the doors and windows at the time when people are bursting crackers. Or if you have a room where there will be less outside sound, keep your pet in that room. What Are Green Crackers for Diwali 2020? Know Everything About Eco-Friendly Firecrackers That Will be Allowed to Burst During Deepavali.
  • Stay in company of your pets. Even if you have guests at home, try and keep your pet in the same room with company of everyone. Dogs tied alone or kept in balcony would get more anxious and scared with the sound of crackers.
  • Take your dogs down for their walks before the firecrackers start bursting. Usually, Diwali crackers are lit during the late evenings. Take your dog for an early walk on these few days. Feed them early in case they refuse to eat after being scared.
  • In case, dogs get aggressive and start barking with the loud noises, offer them a treat, play with them and calm them down. Stroke them with their favourite brush or just sit near them for a while.
  • Let the stray dogs and cats seek refuge in your parking lot because they are just looking for a shelter from all the loud noise.
  • Request the kids in your neighbourhood to not throw crackers on the strays or drive them away with their cracker sound. Explain to them what loud sounds do to the dogs and cats or even the birds. Also ask them to not go near any dog with crackers, fuljhadi of any kind. The anxious dogs can turn aggressive.
  • Keep water and biscuits near your building so that the scared strays can come and eat/drink it.
  • On your walk, if you see used crackers lying around, just make an effort to dispose them in some corner or a proper dustbin. The chemicals from these burnt crackers can also damage the strays who may sniff around. Unburnt crackers can sometimes burst later when touched. Strays animals are at a great risk of these chemicals.
  • If you spot an injured stray animal, contact the nearest NGO or a vet who can lead you to help them out.
  • In case your dog gets too anxious, seek a vet's advice and give them anti-anxiety pills.

These are some of the things that you should follow during this Diwali celebration if you are a pet-parent. Even if you do not have pets, look around for the strays in your vicinity and help in ways you can take care of them too. We wish you and your pets have a safe Diwali celebration.

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