Pritesh Khare Aims to Inspire Millennials to Create a Successful Unconventional Career Out of a 9 to 5 Job
Pritesh Khare (Photo Credits: File Image)

Pritesh Khare , an engineer turned voyager inspires millennials to break the cycle of 9 to 5 jobs and go for an unconventional successful career option. Khare owns India voyage, the startup will be an extension of Indore voyage. India voyage is a travel startup owned by Engineer turned voyager Pritesh Khare. The startup was operational as Indore Voyage as it was started from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Then Indore voyage and now India voyage is now ready to start its commencement across India.

The company has been through ups and downs but that was just the beginning of understanding their strengths. “There came times in my business when I had clients of around Half of million in a month and then there were no clients at all. From having a team of 10 people to standing alone but I did not let my idea fail because I knew all the work I was doing it was kind of slow for some time but It worked” said Pritesh Khare.

Khare believes that today millennials who are stuck in a never-ending rat race and urges them to think beyond the conventional. The voyager believes in a career which should help a person grow from within and go beyond the pressures of a pressurised corporate job which is becoming one of the major reason of Depression and anxiety in young people nowadays.

"It is a professional blessing to work for yourself and generate money while doing what you love the most.I have a pattern of working, I have done engineering but rest of the skills like photography, editing, designing, cinematography and editing I have learnt myself with the help of online lessons and I can do most of the work that is done at India Voyage. One needs to be multitasking as that is the future and it helps in creating your own business”

Pritesh also talks about building a sustainable career and breaking the monotony of 9 to 5 jobs in order to find a better and more interesting career option for yourself. “I believe that everybody has their own pattern of working and If I talk about myself I am more efficient if I am working on something creative or a place where my ideas are entertained, I might work all day all night then. I am so indulge with India Voyage that I never feel I am working and I like working any time any moment.”