How Many Calories Do You Burn When You Have Sex? Find Out Which Position Is Good for Weight Loss
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Brunch with friends and trying to get rid of the pizza bloating ever since? Before you plan a morning walk, we have a better suggestion for you. Something not only for you, but also for your significant other. Did you know sex can burn the calories that the brunch with your girlfriends gave? Your weight and the time you spend in bed can help you burn more calories than you ever imagined! Sex Query of the Week: My Penis Tip Itches, Is It a Sign of STD? What are The Causes?

On average, sexual intercourse lasts 19-20 minutes. According to studies, an average Indian man weighs 60 kgs and an average Indian woman weighs 45 kgs. With calculations, an Indian woman would burn 18.85 calories in a 19 minutes session of intercourse in missionary position. A man burns 62.83 calories. This equals to 10 minutes of cycling for the woman and 33 minutes of cycling for the man! This targets a woman’s glutes and abs and the man’s arms, chest, abs and lower back. What Are Those Strange Worm Like Lines, Sparkles and Dots That Appear In Front of Our Eyes? Know Everything About Floaters and Their Cause.

One of most hyped positions, doggy style burns 40.84 whopping calories in women and 62.83 in men, in a 19 minutes session. This is equal to 22 minutes of swimming for women and 55 minutes for men. This is also the same as 27 minutes of dancing women and 41 minutes of breaking a leg for men. This position affects the woman’s triceps, chest, biceps, abs, lower back and shoulders. And it affects the man’s hip flexors, lower, back, abs and biceps. Doggy style burns the most calories of all sex positions.

All these calculations were done via Dr Felix’ Sex Workout Calculator

The site simply requires your and your partner’s weight, the position you and your partner enjoy and the time your sex lasts. Calculate and see how much work out you squeeze in every time. They have various positions in the options and you will definitely find your favourite to calculate with accuracy. This doesn't mean you skip the gym or your regular work out schedule.