Now that Cryptocurrency trade has become legal in India, many entrepreneurs Sahil Arora are trying to create an impact in this Cryptocurrency  field. Sahil Arora is one such well-known entrepreneur from India. He is an inspiration for thousands of aspiring Indian entrepreneurs. He has always been working very hard since his teenage.

Sahil Arora owns the Zelaa conglomerate which is a large ecosystem of Cryptocurrency-centric products and platforms. One such subsidiary of Zelaa is ZelaaPay which is a Cryptocurrency-staking platform and helps customers earn through arbitraging. 

Sahil Arora

ZelaaPay has 30,000+ members globally with a quarterly turnover of approximately $7-$8 million. ZelaaPay also has a Binance integration within its platform that enables users to buy Cryptocurrency using debit or credit cards, making the process easier for all.

Sahil recently ranked at the 6th position in the list of Top 20 Most Influential Cryptocurrency Entrepreneurs.

Many other successful people in the field of Cryptocurrency like Changpeng Zhao were also featured in this list along with Sahil. Sahil Arora shares all his struggles and luxuries on his Instagram account where he recently crossed 300k+ followers.

Sahil has always been a hustler and that is what makes him stand apart from the crowd. We would like to congratulate him for being featured on the Top 20 Most Influential Cryptocurrency entrepreneurs list and we also wish him all the best for his future projects.