Sake Dean Mahomed features in today's Google Doodle. Today, 15th January Sake Dean Mahomed's first book The Travels of Dean Mahomet, 1794 was published, and it became the first English book written by an Indian. However, Mahomed has many feathers to his cap. He was the man behind breaking the cultural barriers between India and England. Moreover, the Anglo-Indian traveller, surgeon and entrepreneur, became the first Indian to introduce the Indian cuisine, shampoo and herbal baths to Europe. Sake Dean Mahomed: Google Doodle Honours Man Behind the Cultural Exchange Between India and England.

The History of Shampoo and Herbal baths

Sake Dean Mahomed opened a spa named Sake Dean Mahomed's Baths offering luxurious herbal steam baths in the town of Brighton, hence introducing the west about their therapeutic benefits. His luxury spa provided a combination of a steam bath and a therapeutic massage, that he named "shampooing." The term was inspired by the Hindi word from Hindi champo, imperative of champna "to press, knead the muscles or 'to massage." What we commonly call champpi now became his speciality then.

Health Benefits of Herbal Bath and “Shampoo” or “Champi.”

  • Some herbs can provide relief from pain and relax your muscles making you feel energised.
  • Reduces the effect of bites of some insect or rashes. Some herbal baths like chamomile bath are known to relieve minor bites and rashes.
  • Improves your skin health and prevents skin problems. Dandelion Flowers is known to regenerate your skin.
  • A hot herbal bath can help clear your nasal passage and improve lung health and breathing. Herbs like Eucalyptus Nilgiri can be beneficial.
  • Increased blood circulation in all parts of your body. Some herbs are known to improve blood circulation.
  • Improve sleep. Sleep problems can be reduced by taking a herbal bath. Sometimes they can relieve from insomnia.
  • Improves your mood and makes you happier.
  • Relaxes your nerves

Mahomed was very fondly known as the "The Shampooing Surgeon of Brighton." He was also the "shampooing surgeon" of King George IV. He was credited for introducing Herbal baths and shampoos from India to all over the world.

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