Sex Tip of the Week: Include Props Like Whipped Cream and Couple Sex Toys to Spice Up Your Sex Life
Sex props. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Sex among so many other topics is the least talked about or understood. Even with so much information online, people India treat is as a taboo. However, the health benefits of having sex cannot be looked over. Many studies have claimed that having sex more often have amazing health benefits both physical and mental. It is also linked to the longevity of your life. Discussing ways to enhance your sexual experiences is always better. So here's this weeks sex tip- Invest in your sexual experiences. Include props into your steamy sessions such as whipped cream, chocolate sauce, etc. If you want to upgrade your sex game, you might want to experiment with different things to include in your sexual sessions. Sex Tip of the Week: How to Talk Dirty To Each Other – The Dos and Don’ts.

Here are a few things you can include in your sexual sessions to make it even steamier.

  • Whipped Cream- You might have seen the usage of whipped cream in the makeout session in porn movies. But did you ever try using it in real life? Not only will it enhance your experience but also make it taste good! What is better than that?
  • Chocolate sauce- Another way to make your experience taste good literally is a chocolate sauce. Why just have a mundane sexual experience when you can give it a chocolaty twist. Make your licking game stronger and easier with chocolate sauce.
  • Sex toys- Sex toys aren't just meant to help you when you are alone trying to please yourself. There are plenty of couple sex toys available that you both can have fun with.
  • Sexy Lingerie- Invest in right lingerie for a better overall sexual experience. Don't just have sex like you're finishing a chore infact make it dreamy as you had always imagined. Let your imaginations come true.
  • Good perfumes and fresheners- No matter how much you underestimate the strength of pleasant smell, in reality, it does actually work. Invest in your partner's choice of perfumes. Also, keep your breath in check. Keep a pack of mouth freshener at hand.

It is essential to give your sex life a twist from time to time to keep things interesting. Enjoy it as you had always dreamt it and not finish it like any other task.