Expansion of any brand or company is important to succeed in the long run. Irrespective of any industry or sector, it is the varied services of the company that plays a vital role in its success. In the sports sector, ‘Calciatori Ignoranti’ is one of the rare sports brands that has grabbed the attention of football fans. The brand was incorporated on March 5, 2015, but it was officially registered in Italy in June 2020.

Widely known for its sportswear, ‘Calciatori Ignoranti’ offers an exclusive collection of products like T-shirts, sweatshirts, women's trousers, gadgets and other accessories. The products available on the online shop are trendy and majorly cater to teenagers and the youth. Exploring different horizons, the sportswear brand is the ultimate platform for the football community.

Its web portal keeps football lovers updated with all the latest news and happenings around the sport. Besides this, the company has got terrific media coverage with having a strong presence over the digital grounds. Boosting its presence online, the sports brand has so far built a family of more than a million on social media.

Followed by many celebrities and athletes, ‘Calciatori Ignoranti’ is consistently making its presence felt in the field of sports and celebrity management. The main focus of the brand, for now, is to work towards the image-making of budding footballers and sports personalities. Founded by Luca Diddi, the sportswear brand is already making waves for offering an array of services.

Apart from being a digital entrepreneur, Luca holds a UEFA Pro license and is a match analyst. Through his vast knowledge, the 42-year old entrepreneur wants to make the brand reach on a global scale. However, he wishes to create a monopoly with ‘Calciatori Ignoranti’ in the sports and event industry. The company that is also into organizing sporting events has taken a backseat from organizing events for now.

“Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we are not organizing sports events for now. If things get better, we might organize two football events in Rome and Milan in September”, said Luca Diddi. In this time of the pandemic, the sportswear brand has earned great fortunes by keeping the fans updated with all the latest news about the sport, and by introducing different football merchandise under its brand name.