The improving volume of internet users built a brisk transition of the marketplace from offline stores to virtual platforms. The ratio between the two is dramatically shifting while creating an opportunity for multiple people who struggled with difficulties such as the accession of distribution places, hiring staff, and other activities that needed a substantial investment. To ease the distress related to the same, Malikah Planas conceptualized an idea that aims to help business owners to operate online stores. Her blog, Diaries of an E-preneur, aims to provide and educate people about the ins and outs of operating an online business.

Malikah Planas’ entrepreneurial journey started in 2015, as her primary e-commerce shop was thriving. Amidst all of this, e-commerce was still an emerging platform and the lack of e-com gurus was noticeable. To understand the whole idea behind the business, and decipher the tricks and tips to rise in a marketplace, she had to rely on her own experiences in her business and books to gain knowledge. But soon she found a great affection regarding e-commerce and online entrepreneurship, and this inclination grew into the initiation of her writing the blog. Through learning and acknowledging the significance of e-commerce, she decided to commence her business- On Twelve Management, which centered around assisting merchants and online retail store owners to establish and flourish their business.

Malikah’s dream and passion persuaded her to quit her job and pursue this as her full-time career. But within 2 years she had to return to the workforce, at an e-commerce marketing company and then at a web design agency, which provided her with numerous learning opportunities. In July 2020, the operation of On Twelve Management became autonomous and fell into the hands of Malikah. Today the firm's objective is to help e-commerce merchants execute on their digital marketing strategies, with services including e-commerce website setups, email marketing, and paid advertising.

The aftermath of the coronavirus disease had left the financial and foundational structure of all the business crippled. In times like this, small business owners require professional assistance to carry on their business peacefully and efficiently. Malikah’s vision has been reflected upon the world through her business- On Twelve Management. Considering the clients as their top priority, she believes in total transparency which lets her extend maximum service to her clients. Moreover, Within her business, she has achieved being able to work directly with software partners such as Shopify and Mailchimp to help coordinate their local meetups.

Currently, Malikah is working towards the expansion of her business. As the company is growing and its prominence is steering high, she has realized having a well-qualified team with her has brought client success. She says, “I also would like to partner with other business owners and organizations in Atlanta specifically nonprofits to teach entrepreneurship and e-commerce marketing.”