It’s no secret the weight loss industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry worldwide that entices people everywhere to stop what they are doing and make some changes. More than 50% of the U.S. population alone will make an effort to lose fat this year, as a testament to our unhealthy fitness and eating patterns commonly accepted today.

The problem is that when these people do make the conscious effort to make a change, they are captured by the quick fat-loss gimmicks and dangerous supplements that have big investment firms behind them. These people, as a result, are kept from learning the truth about their bodies and what they actually need to do to create long, sustainable health results.

Specifically for women, who live with a more complex natural cycle when compared to men, it can be a serious challenge finding a weight loss solution that is also tailored to the female body. Why? The female body endures a cyclical event every month that changes hormones, psychology, and cravings for women, making it harder to sustain and embrace a diet.

It’s Time to Talk About Menstruation

The problem is that since our society is too scared to talk about menstruation, women don’t realize they are dealing with a weight loss disadvantage. But, by acknowledging and accepting this reality in a fitness and nutrition plan that is tailored specifically for women, this kind of disadvantage can be curtailed instantly.

“Since big-name magazines and social media accounts are too scared to go near the discussion of menstruation, women don’t realize that their health and fitness journey should be tailored exactly in-line with their 28 or 30-day cycle,” said Ryan, Co-Founder of the ONE Guys. “By understanding incoming changes in mood and physical health, women can anticipate the effects of menstruation without it impacting their weight loss.”

The ONE Guys set out to create an effective fitness platform that is the antithesis to all of the fake fitness products on the market today. They work in tandem with natural cycles and inner psychology, which plays a huge role in self-esteem and consequently, weight loss. It’s their aim to help all women create weight loss results that are sustainable and long-lasting – not just attainable for a brief season.

“Many of the psychological side effects of menstruating are rarely mentioned in weight loss literature, which spurred our desire to do something about it,” said Hayden. “Lack of motivation, cravings, and even scale fluctuations are very normal during this period, and need to be normalized altogether for women.”

The Weight Loss Academy program is custom-tailored to every participant and her natural cycle. Information about the cycle and how it pairs up with weight loss will be available 24-7 online.

To date, the ONE Guys have helped over 30,000 women transform their bodies and gain confidence in the way they look and feel.