Blue Bottle Jellyfish Stings More Than 50 Tourists on Mumbai's Aksa and Girgaum Beaches
The blue bottle jellyfish is seen on Mumbai beaches (Photo credits: Twitter/Nigelmarven)

Mumbai, August 6: The rains have taken a break in the past few days and Mumbaikars chanced upon the little sunshine to head to the beach. However, it was a bad idea as the blue bottle jellyfish that have come to the beaches. More than 50 incidents of stinging were reported in one day, from Malad's Aksa Beach to Girgaum Chowpatty. The lifeguards have already put out warnings to not enter the waters, as the jellyfish have inhabited in large numbers. 'Blue Bottle Jellyfish' Found on Mumbai's Girgaum and Juhu Beaches, Know All About This Poisonous Species.

Tourists complained to the lifeguards about stinging on their feet in the water of Aksa beach. People complained something had bitten them and were not sure what happened. The people had to be rushed to a hospital as a precautionary measure. There were also some kids among those injured. But it was also revealed that the guards do not have any immediate safety measures available at the spot. The Mayor Vishwanath Mahadeshwar took notice of the incident and asked for some control measures regarding these creatures. He also informed that there should announcements over the microphone asking people to not enter the waters. The measures and medicinal cures required to treat these stings should be made available to all civic hospitals and also at the beach.

The blue bottle jellyfish or Portuguese Man of War has long tentacles which can sting badly. Their appearance makes them attractive but people should stay away from them. The pain from their sting can be unbearable. It is best for people to stay away from the beach waters for a while.