Vietnam Opens Golden Bridge Supported by Giant Hands, Watch Breathtaking Video
Golden Bridge (Photo Credits: topdestinos Instagram)

Adding to unique structures around the world is the newly opened golden bridge in Vietnam. Two giant hands that seem to act as pillars hold the bridge located in Ba Na Hills, near Da Nang in central Vietnam. Named Cau Vang, the bridge is 150 metres long and stands 1,400 metres above sea level. From the bridge, one can enjoy the scenic beauty of lush green mountains below them. The bridge opened to visitors in June 2018.

The bridge is a part of USD 2 billion investment to attract people to the area. The walkway has purple Lobelia Chrysanthemums adding to the stunning beauty of the bridge. However, the sculpted stone hands that have caught the attention of the social media users. While the mammoth hands look like they are made of stone, they aren't; it's steel.  With initial designs by TA Landscape Architecture, it just took a year to construct the bridge.

Watch the video below:

The Ba Na hills mountain retreat was quite a popular holiday location of the ruling French during the 20th century. However, only ruins were left after colonial rule in 1945. The area now resonates French villages and also has a 5.8km cable car track. Travellers have spotted the original villas while riding the cable car, reported The Guardian.

Since the bridge opened to the public, people who visited the beauty have been sharing mesmerising pictures of the view from the bridge. Standing on the golden bridge one can see the whole of Vietnam's greenery. Dragon Bridge located over the River Hàn at Da Nang is another symbol of exemplary bridge artwork in Vietnam.