Real estate investment is a lucrative venture that can act as one of your multiple income streams. You can get into this venture with as little as $100, and should you choose to leave, you can do so without any complications. But dealing with property is not as easy as dealing with stock. The process of looking for and negotiating real estate deals with realtors and homeowners can be challenging.

Real estate wholesaling is a convenient approach to property sales. In real estate wholesaling, you act as the wholesaler and contact the home with the seller. After that you find an interested party to purchase the home.

Real estate wholesaling is a business strategy that can help you gain massive profits. In real estate wholesaling, you don’t just purchase a home and sell it. Instead, you collaborate with the seller to contract the house to fetch a reasonable price. Tony The Closer says it this way, “The best wholesale strategy is not money-driven. Rather, this strategy is based on the idea that selling is helping.”

But who is Tony The Closer?

A Bit of Background

Tony ‘The Closer’ Robinson is a visionary entrepreneur, author, and investor. He is an expert in the sales process, real estate investing, wholesaling real estate, plus so much more. You can argue that he is a sales expert hence the name ‘The Closer,’ as there is no deal that he cannot negotiate and close.

Before venturing into sales, Tony briefly worked as a professional NFL player. When he left the NFL, he ventured into selling cars. While in the automobile field, Tony frequently got the recognition of being the best salesman. This experience helped him realize that he had the gift to make sales. At one point, his father advised him to invest in real estate. Since then, he has never looked back.

Helping Clients Make +100K

Tony The Closer helps his clients make money in real estate without the need for credit or cash. He started the Our Turn Movement and the 100K Live Event. Both events inspired people to venture into wholesaling. Tony has compassion for people to win. This compassion led him to write the best seller dubbed Closer’s 21 Proven Secrets to Close More Wholesale Deals in 30 Days with NO Sales Experience. The book provides readers with strategies on how to talk to a seller. It also offers ideas on what to do if you are struggling with closing a deal.

Tony simplifies the sales process. He has years of experience in closing thousands of deals. Furthermore, he has generated more than 10 million dollars in auto and real estate. This visionary entrepreneur went from sleeping on a deflating mattress to making $100K. Currently, he offers training to those interested in mastering the real estate niche.

Converting Wholesale Deals

The real estate wholesale field requires a person with a resilient mindset. This thought is a mindset that can quickly bounce back when things don’t go as expected. Being resilient means that you can learn from mistakes and move on instead of dwelling on failures. Tony knows how vital a resilient mindset is in business and personal life. In 2017 he committed a crime and was sent to jail. However, while on probation, he helped 7000 people close their wholesale deals. The ‘It’s Our Turn’ movement helped over 500 people make their first $100K in less than 90 days.

Converting wholesale deals requires you to have excellent communication and marketing skills. These are skills that you can acquire with the right training and mentorship. When you participate in Tony’s training program, he teaches you what it takes to close a deal. Moreover, you learn about the strategies for wholesaling. One of the procedures is to add a contingency to the contract. A contingency allows you to back out of a deal if you have not made a sale by the due date. A contingency minimizes your risks. Also, you can compete risk-free in several ways, for instance, through virtual wholesaling.

The benefit of working with an expert is that you will be able to avoid the common pitfalls in the market. Are you wondering where to start in real estate wholesaling? Then reach out to Tony The Closer to get the right mentorship.