Women on Twitter Are Flaunting Manicure Done on Their Own Amid Coronavirus Lockdown! Here's How You Can Get Amazing Nails at Home (Watch Tutorial Video)
Women doing their own manicure amid coronavirus pandemic (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Coronavirus pandemic has made us resort to self-quarantine and socially distance ourself from other people. It is good for us because anything RN is better than catching the deadly contagious virus. Most places across globe are observing a lockdown. Right from except for the places related to the essential commodities like supermarkets, pharmacies, health shops, etc. everything else is closed. Same with the nail salons or nail bars. At this point in time nail salons can be a place that can fuel the spread of the virus.

However, using the quarantine period women on Twitter have taken matters in their hands and are doing their manicures for themselves.  Instead of waiting for the salons to re-open, people are treating out manicures at home and have given us some amazing results. Check out some of the tweets from women who are trying to do their own manicures at home:



  • Remove traces of previously applied nail polish using a nail paint remover or a buff
  • Clip, file and clean your nails
  • Soak your nails and hands in warm water mixed with any foaming soap-based wash
  • Apply cuticle cream and prepare the cuticles, if you don't have special cuticle cream use normal moisturisers, given the current situation.
  • Apply a hand moisturiser all over your hands
  • Prep your nails for polish by removing the overgrown cuticles if any
  • Apply a single layer of coating
  • Apply nail paint
  • Coat it with clear nail polish

Watch DIY At-Home Manicure Tutorial Video:

When you do things on your own, you are also learning a new skill for yourself while staying safe at home avoiding any kind of exposure to the coronavirus. Plus it is fun to try out something on your own.