2 Million Hong Kong Protesters Sweep Streets After Gathering to Make Way For Ambulance; Social Media Impressed (Watch Video)
Hong Kong protesters leave street clean (Photo Credits: Getty Images, @KongTsungGan Twitter)

Hong Kong has been witnessing major protests in the past few weeks over a controversial bill that threatens to send criminal suspects to mainland China for prosecution. On Sunday, around two million protestors came together on Hong Kong's streets making it the city's largest march, to express their disapproval with the government's decision. While their protest is definitely making waves across countries, the protestors are reaping praises for being responsible. After the incident, the protestors returned in the middle of the night to sweep the roads clean. Hong Kong Erupts in Protests As China Brings in Law for Extradition of Persons on Trial.

Author Kong Tsung-gan took to Twitter saying, "Occupiers are doing one last sweep for rubbish. Two million people marched here yesterday, it was occupied all night, and there isn't a scrap of rubbish on the road." The protestors were earlier lauded on social media after a video of the crowd making way for an ambulance went viral.

Check out the pictures below:

They ensured the street was left spic and span clean:

Social media was soon flooded with praises for the protestors:

Watch the video below:


The Independent quoted Ennie Chan, one of the protesters as saying, "I was there [at the protests] and I saw everything. I saw young people holding different bags to take trash away last night. There were a lot of people clearing rubbish." Chan said, "When ambulances came, people at the front would signal with their hands to people at the back to move back. People were definitely peaceful, but they were also angry." Reportedly, younger protestors also took care of the elder ones, offering them water or bread when required. After cleaning the streets, protesters left the place thwarting any clashes with the police. In March 2019, a similar incident had occurred in Kerala's Palakkad district when a large crowd that had occupied the streets during a temple festival made way for an ambulance.