TikTok world can never run out of content. Each hour, they come up with something that instantly hit the video-sharing app. After the sickening Skull Breaker challenge faced significant backlash, another trend seems to have captivated the TikTok world. But for better! The Ahi Challenge, where people need to show off their cool and ease dance moves accompanied by the 2017 reggaeton song, “Tra Tra” by Nfasis. The steps are quite simpler, as compared to the previous dance challenges on TikTok. Every second user seems to participate in the latest Ahi Challenge, and it expanded pretty fast. The videos show TikTokers, casually dancing to the tune, alone or in a group, with the hashtag #AhiChallenge. Skullbreaker Challenge: Dangerous TikTok Trend Goes Viral; Here's Why You Should Not Attempt it. 

Remember Renegade challenge that surfaced on TikTok in December, 2019? Well, the Ahi Challenge’s dance steps are pretty much simpler than that. The Daily Dot noted that Rodrigo Contreras, a 20-year-old dancer and TikTok user in Mexico posted the dance moves, last month. In addition, Know Your Meme stated Charli D’Amelio, American dancer picked up on the trend a few days later, and she racked up to more than 8 million likes. And now the Ahi Challenge is everywhere on TikTok. Cereal Challenge Goes Viral on TikTok With Teens Eating the Breakfast Food From Each Other’s Mouth. 

Watch Videos:

@sterlingkbrownOur hips don’t lie just like shakira. #blackpearsons #happyfriday #fridaymood #ahichallenge #fyp♬ AhiChallenge - elrodcontreras

Very Soft Moves!

@charlidamelio♬ AhiChallenge - elrodcontreras

Ahi Challenge!

@nagmaaThis song ❣️ Tag your besties ! 🔥 #TiktokDance ft. ayushmehta ankitdrobow #Atrangz♬ AhiChallenge - elrodcontreras

How Adorable!

@sfuueyugfcdance stpes 😍 #dance #foryou #fyp #danceindia #danceawesome #edutok #teamdharmesh #dharmesh0022 #trending #tiktokindia #edutok tiktok_india♬ AhiChallenge - elrodcontreras

Watch It Till the End!

@leleponsGet out of my shot... anwar #pontemedeespald♬ AhiChallenge - elrodcontreras

It is really great to see internet users introducing such unique and engaging challenges that cause fun and no danger. This is how social media apps should be used. So, have you participated in the Ahi Challenge, yet? If not, scroll up to the article, check out the videos again, practice and shoot for TikTok.

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