Alien-Like Fish With Blood Oozing Out of Its Body Found on Australian Beach (View Pic)
Alien fish spotted in Australia (Photo Credits: Facebook)

Marine life from Australia continues to freak people. Different and never-seen-before species have been observed on the sea coasts or lakesides here. A woman from Queensland was the latest one to find an alien-like fish on the Scarborough Beach in the north of Brisbane. The strange marine creature had washed up on the beach and there was a liquid oozing out of its body, which she thought was blood. Panicked on what creature it was, she posted a picture on Facebook asking everywhere what it was. The creepy picture left netizens confused and some scared. Alien-Like Fish Caught off Norwegian Island! Fisherman Finds Rare Catch With Gigantic Eyes (View Pics).

The suggestions on the picture were from "alien poop" to "whale vomit" which is a very treasured object. It was a sea-green coloured slimy creature with no visible eyes, but some red-coloured liquid on the top surface. The woman wrote in her caption, "Does anyone know what this is? Found at Scarborough beach with blood coming out." Are These The Weirdest Sea Creatures Ever Seen? Russian Photographer Shares Underwater Pictures from Atlantic and They Are Creepy!

Here's The Picture of the Alien-Looking Fish:

Alien-like fish in Australia (Photo Credits: Facebook)

The comments had such a vast variety from whale vomit to passenger poop from the plane! Yikes! But some people were able to correctly identify the sea hare. Sea hares a type of mollusc and the bleeding substance was not blood but ink. Sea hares have a sticky ink which they emit when they are around a predator including humans. This behaviour is called inking and is also referred to as the bioweapon. This ink has a toxic chemical which can affect the predator's vision. Professor Culum Brown, from Macquarie University's Department of Biological Sciences, told in a report that sea hares are extremely popular in Australia.

This rare spotting from Australia reminds us of the time when a fish with no eyes was also found in Mary River here. With a body like an eel and sharp teeth, the find was monstrous. The pictures came up on twitter and everyone was shocked looking at it. We can say one thing for sure, the deep underwater and creatures living there is still a mystery to most of us.