Creepy Fish With No Eyes Found in Australia! The Internet is Freaked With The Sea Monster (View Pic)
Fish with no eyes in Australia (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The life in deep ocean waters is still a mystery because many species of marine animals still remained unidentified and unknown to the world. While we are used to seeing fishes and marine creatures of a certain kind and structure, anything that differs from the said appearance looks freaky. A recent discovery in Australia's river saw a fish with no eyes! The picture of this marine creature was shared on Twitter, calling it a 'sea monster' and well, the picture sure looks like one of a monster. The internet was also shocked seeing this creature with no eyes and sharp teeth. Fish That Can Walk Accidentally Discovered in Tasmania: One of the Rarest Fish in the World.

Tee Hokin of Shady Camp fishing area on the Mary River in Australia, caught this weird looking sea creature. The picture shows its body like an eel, sharp teeth and the most shocking feature is, it has no eyes! In an interview to ABC, Hokin said, "It's like purpley-brown, it had a really weird head, but the body was like an eel and it didn't even move or wiggle, it was like stunned, like stealth mode. It has sharp teeth, it could bite, no worries, you would not be willing to put your finger near it." Soon as the pictures were posted on Twitter, people were really freaked out. Are These The Weirdest Sea Creatures Ever Seen? Russian Photographer Shares Underwater Pictures from Atlantic and They Are Creepy!

Check Pics of the Weird Sea Monster Found in Australia:

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The internet was clearly freaked out with the scary-looking sea monster. Although this is not the first time people have come across some weird-looking marine species. These findings just show that there is a lot more about the deep underwaters that we humans do not know yet.