Anything For Instagram! Man Jumps Off Royal Caribbean Cruise to Post on Social Media; Watch Video
Man Performs Deadly Stunt in Royal Caribbean Cruise (Photo Credits: Instagram/@naydev91)

In a bid to impress and increase Instagram followers, 27-year-old Nick Naydev had put his life on danger. Naydev, the Washington-based passenger, is banned for life in any Royal Caribbean cruises after a deadly stunt that involved jumping off the cruise ship. In the video posted on Instagram, Naydev can be seen standing on the edge of the window. Seconds later, he jumped off a ship’s deck and can be seen swimming in the water. Selfie Kills! Woman Falls From 27th Floor Balcony to Death in Panama City; Watch Video.

The video that is posted on Instagram shows Naydev with a group of friends travelling in Symphony of the Seas. The video has more than 1,47,000 views on Instagram and is going viral. While giving replies in the comment sections, Naydev confirmed that he got some injures. "My feet were actually fine. It was my neck and tailbone that hurt," Naydev wrote to a user. Blow the Bottle Instagram Challenge Is the Hottest Hair Trend Going Viral; Netizens Are in Love With Their Bouncing Curls.

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The act was criticised by several Instagrammers. "what you did only endanger yourself. and obviously, you survived. if people in this life were less obsessed with what other people did I am pretty sure this world would be a less horrible place," wrote one. "How I wish some needed people/handicapped..given a chance to be a normal human being like u.. cos u wasted your life! Sounds cruel but thanks to god u still alive and breathing.. how I wish u sank and die," wrote another.

This is not the first instance of Instagrammers taking a risk, every year many such incidents are reported and some even leads to death. An Instagram daredevil, who often posts videos of himself climbing the high-rise building was found dead in New York. Jackson Coe, 25, was discovered in the backyard of a six-storey building near the Grove Street, with wounds suggesting a fall. Coe was an Instagram sensation for his risky flips, endurance exercises, and climbing highrise buildings.