April 8 saw the rise of the biggest and brightest moon of the year, called the Pink Moon. The full moon in the month of April was the biggest supermoon of the year 2020. Stargazers and moon lovers had a great time admiring the beauty of the earth's satellite. Beautiful pictures and videos of the Super Pink Moon 2020 have been shared on social media since last night. Super moon is a phenomenon when the moon is at the closest point from the Earth. On April 8 night, the moon was 7 per cent larger and 15 brighter than an average full moon. Stunning pictures of the moon have been trending online since last night. April Super Pink Moon 2020 Captured From Delhi’s India Gate, View Stunning Pics of the Biggest Supermoon of the Year.

Pink Moon does not appear pink but gets it name from a pink-coloured wildflower bloom seen in US and Canada. The name was given to this moon by the native American tribes who marked the seasonal changes after phases of a moon. So while the moon doesn't appear pink, it definitely appeared larger this time around. If you are someone who loves observing the moon, but for some reason could not catch up on yesterday's celestial spectacle, we give you some wonderful images of April Pink Moon 2020 captured from around the world. April Pink Super Moon 2020 is a Bad Omen Causing Doomsday? NO, It Does Not Begin The End of The World! 

Check Beautiful Pics of April Super Pink Moon 2020:

Pink Moon Over San Franciso's Bridge

Timelapse of the Pink Moon Rising

From Las Vegas

So Spectacular

A Close Up


Supermoon From Ontario


Over the Shard in London

Beautiful Pics

A Video From Views in Asia

Amazing right? The moon looked so much fuller and definitely bigger than the other full moons we see every month. Pink Moon is also called as Sprouting Grass Moon, Fish Moon, Hare Moon, and Paschal Moon.

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