Artwork Made of Moose Poop! Excellent Excrement Art by Maine Woman Goes Viral, View Pics
Artwork Made of Moose Poop (Photo Credits: Tirdy Works/ Facebook)

Art sometimes can be pretty subjective. And there are times when even apparent masterpieces do not make sense to commoners like us. While on the other hand, there are creations which are way beyond our imaginations. Like poop arts! Yes, as gross as it sounds, for some artists when it comes to creating artwork from the heart, a medium of excrement proves to be excellent. Put all your toilet humour aside and check out this excellent creation (now viral) made of moose turds by a Maine woman. The Internet just cannot stop ROFLing and appreciate her unique art pieces at the same time. 11-Year-Old From Nigeria Creates Realistic Paintings, Wins Praise Globally! Check Pics And Video of His Artworks. 

Mary Winchenbach and her company, Tirdy Works gained worldwide attention this week, when a video of her selling keychains and clocks with clumps of moose poop at Common Ground Country Fair in Maine, United States went viral. The video received millions of views, and artist Winchenbach reported to even get requests from people all over the country to get the unusual items shipped to their homes. She collects the poops in her backyard in Somerville, after which it is dried and painted with a coating to make it safe. Panda at Vienna Zoo Learns Painting and Now Hundreds of Its ‘Artworks’ Are Being Sold for Rs 40,000 Each!

Some shingle magnets, anybody?

Deerings made up of deer poops!

It's almost twelve turdy!

“Everyone takes a crap,” Winchenback told WABI. “Everyone goes to the bathroom so everyone can relate to that. The terms that I used to name these products are every day terms that people are used to hearing so I just kind of try to combine the two to come up with something halfway decent that's funny. For example the first off we make now instead of a cuckoo clock this is a Poopoo o'clock. We took them turds and we cram them in between the number there so there's one turdy - two turdy- three turdy,” explained the 57-year-old artist.

Well, with such a cool idea, she indeed gathered as many responses, and there is no doubt as to why her creations are a hit online. Winchenback further said that she started the business because she had “too much time on my hands,” and she loves to make people laugh. So, you want to pick your tird?