11-Year-Old From Nigeria Creates Realistic Paintings, Wins Praise Globally! Check Pics And Video of His Artworks
Kareen Waris Olamilekan with his paintings (Photo credits: Instagram/waspa_art)

An 11-year old boy from Nigeria named Kareen Waris Olamilekan is gaining global praise for his magic with brushes. The kid is a great painter and makes his subjects come to life. He began drawing at the age of six. This young talent paints hyperrealistic portraits of people and it will make you look twice at it! Recently even met with France President Emmanuel Macron and made an impressive sketch of him.

His most famous artwork is called 'Daily Bread' which depicts a person with sweat and tears. "My family, we work hard before we put food in our mouths, before we eat. That’s what inspires me," he was quoted in an interview. Olamilekan humbly calls himself a 'bitty artist' and dreams to have his painting collections in a museum someday. Well, with the pace that he is growing and improving, we don't doubt he will make it come true. While he masters in portraits he also draws cartoons, comics and illustrations. He uses a pencil and his detailing on all the works is just mindblowing. DJ Switch, 10-Year-Old Girl From Ghana is Taking Internet by Storm, Watch Her Music Video.

Take a look at Kareen Waris Olamilekan's pictures:

Famous painting 'Daily Bread'

Artist is busy at work

Painting of the France President

He is just so perfect 

Life portraiture

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Kareem Waris Olamilekan's flawless work has made him the youngest professional in the country. He makes life-like works of art and makes says detailing is symbolic of the sweat and toil in his family. This young talent from Nigeria is sure an inspiration to many others.