The US Inauguration Day may have technically been all about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris transitioning to power as new leaders of America. However, if there's someone who caused a real buzz by a very casual presence, it is Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. His cozy, casual look with brown jacket and mittens, wearing a facemask and sitting grumpily took a hilarious ride of its own on social media. People began to place him in every nook and corner, making funny memes. So much so, that a man made a meme generator for his picture, and guess what, he had to struggle to not let it crash.

The US Inauguration Day saw its fair share of some captivating moments. Be it Kamala Harris' reaction to Michelle Obama's 'You Go Girl' stare or Jennifer Lopez's power packed performance, but other than that, if there's one thing that tickled everyone's funny bone across the world, it is Bernie Sanders'. The former Presidential contender himself arrived in a casual avatar, dressed aptly for the winter, with a jacket and mittens, which became a talking point. But a picture of him sitting alone, with his hands folded over one another was shared online and the internet had a field day! Seeing so many memes, people photoshopping Sanders' everywhere, Twitter user @nick_sawhney made it a meme generator, using Google Street Maps view. It allows one to place Bernie anywhere they wish to in the world. Not surprising, it went viral.

Check The Bernie Sanders' Meme Generator Website:

So everyone jumped on the bandwagon to place Bernie's cutout in different locations, by just typing in the location. In a follow up tweet, the user wrote, "oh my god i did not expect this I am overjoyed so many ppl like it! trying my best to keep it from crashing rn!"

Check Some of the Best Memes on Bernie Sanders':

Wearer of Mittens

Didn't See This Coming


The New Reaction


He's Reached Mumbai

All of these funny memes show that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris may be the leaders of the evening, but if there's someone who is still holding on to the buzz, it is Bernie Sanders' and his mittens! What was your favourite meme? And if you haven't made one yet, then you've a meme generator.

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