Birds Are High! Drunk ‘Tweeties’ in Minnesota Are Flying Into the Car’s Windows
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

They are falling out of trees, flying into the windows, stumbling along the branches, shaking their small feathered bodies—'tweeties' in Gilbert, Minnesota are acting dazed and confused. They are flying straight into the moving cars, making suicidal dives into windows, narrowly avoiding getting hit by the vehicles are scaring the people. It turns out that the winged residents are drunk! The Gilbert Police Department issued a light-hearted notice after receiving several reports of the birds who are not in their regular behaviour; all thanks to some rotten berries. Drunk Seagulls Rescued After Being Found 'Confused And Disoriented' Near Beaches in Southern England. 

Yes, according to the Department, the birds have been munching on berries in the town that fermented as a result of an early frost. Scientists state that alcohol forms in berries as they ferment with the first frosts and the birds that gorge on these winter fruits might get drunk more often. The Gilbert Police on their Facebook post reported that it had received a number of calls related to the erratic bird behaviour.

Birds in Gilbert are high on fermented berries

The post received as many reactions, and Gilbert residents thanked the police department for explaining why the birds are acting so strangely. Usually, most birds already head to the south by this time when the freezing temperature is triggering fermentation in local berries. But this year the frost came early paving the birds getting binged on berries. Meanwhile, the people in Gilbert should just drive a little more cautiously to prevent any harm to the winged beings.