Drunk Seagulls Rescued After Being Found 'Confused And Disoriented' Near Beaches in Southern England
Seagulls (Photo Credits: Pixabay/Representative Image)

'Drunken' seagulls were rescued by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) after they were found disoriented and confused. The animal welfare society believes that the birds have been drinking leftovers from a local brewery or alcohol producer. Jo Daniel, an RSPCA officer, said 'the birds absolutely stink of alcohol' when they spotted them at the beaches in Southern England. Officials said that the callouts struggled to even stand properly, but recovered after vomiting.

Rescue of seagulls began in mid-June and all birds have been showing the same symptoms. RSPCA vet David Couper told BBC that the birds were losing their balance "just like a person would if they'd had too much to drink". He added saying, "I'd urge any local vets who see birds coming in with similar symptoms to give them a chance to recover from the effects of the alcohol." Following the incident, RSPCA is urging local breweries and distilleries to ensure the waste produce does not get into the system of animals and birds.

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RSPCA officer Clara Scully said, "They've really been suffering from hangovers after a gulls' night out." Reportedly, some have died while others are ill and the rest are recovering the deadly hangover. Couper said that the birds were brought after being found in on beaches across Devon, and a few from Bridport and Lyme Regis in Dorset. RSPCA have had dozens of such cases from the south coast.