British Muslim YouTuber Dina Tokio Reads 47 Minutes of Abusive Comments After She Decides to Stop Wearing Hijab Full-Time (Watch Video)
British Muslim YouTuber Dina Tokio (Photo Credits: @dinatokio/ Twitter)

Dina Torkia began blogging almost ten years ago and reportedly is one of the first women in the United Kingdom to share tips on modest fashion by posting videos about fresh ways to wear a hijab. However, at the end of October 2018, she decided to stop wearing her hijab full-time. Since the time, the 29-year-old British Muslim YouTuber has only received a series of abusive comments and threats. Recently, the vlogger who goes by the username Dina Tokio on social media, released a video titled ‘The Bad, the Worse and the Ugly,’ where she reads out almost an hour’s worth of horrific abuse sent to her by trolls. #TransLooksLikeThis Goes Viral on Twitter With Transgenders Sharing Their Experiences for Not Being ‘Trans Enough’. 

In October, she explained in an Instagram story about her decision, “To address my 'hijabi community starting to become like a toxic cult' comment. I'm referring to the onslaught of slander and insults I've received from a community that I was very much a part of and helped build... all because of my personal decision to basically wear it when I want to.” US Blogger Loses Her iPhone X in Jaipur and Gets It Back ‘Miraculously’, Calls Indians Too Poor to Afford Apple Phone, Slammed by Netizens. 

Screenshots of Her Insta Stories Are Available on Her Twitter Account.

She also said that the hijab would always be a part of her life and heritage. But that did not stop a barrage of insults and lewd comments being thrown her way. Germany's Hottest Policewoman Told to Stop Posting Sexy Bikini Pictures on Instagram to Keep Her Job. 

Watch the 47-minute video of her reading out the hatred and line of abuse she has received since.

One person had cursed her and her family to “die painfully and slowly”, while others had called her a “sick person” and some even said she would “slowly be a porn star.” In her video, she also shared a lot of support that she had received from her fans. One of the commentators said, “I have no idea why this video was recommended by YouTube. Watched 9 minutes. Turned it off. I understand you took the Hijab off. It’s your choice. I’m a convert.”

“These Muslims who attack you are disgusting. They also attack me because of my tattoos but not to the extreme like I just watched. Any how, don’t show your children,” wrote another. Since Dina has taken down the haters, we are all ready to see her thrive in 2019.