California Fire: Heartless Boss Asks Employee to Come to Work While His House Was Being Evacuated
Boss asks employee to report work amidst California fire evacuation (Photo credits: Twitter)

Being a boss is not easy, you are responsible for every action of your employees and the pressure can be taxing. But as the pressure on the higher level keeps on rising, it cascades on the lower rungs. The news of wildfires in California is making it to headlines everywhere. So many people including popular celebrity houses have turned to ashes in these massive fires that are getting difficult to control by the fire officials.  With no option left, people have been forced to evacuate the regions and all of this is definitely more stressful than work pressure. But an inconsiderate boss called an employee to work for a meeting, while the employee's house was to be evacuated to escape from the fires.

A picture of a conversation between a boss and the employee went viral on Twitter and people were left furious with the boss's attitude. People commented on the work culture, slamming capitalism. The employee informed that he won't be able to come to work as his house was being evacuated because of the fire. But the boss replied that he hopes for his family's safety but would still want him to come to work, as the other members were. California Wildfires Affects Celebrities: Gerald Butler, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Orlando Bloom Forced to Evacuate Homes. 

Take a look at the picture of the exchange of messages between the boss and the employee:

People commented about their miserable stories in this work culture. The picture of the screenshot was retweeted 20,000 times. Check how some of the people on Twitter reacted.

Monsters in the making

Calling out for a ban

What it feels like

Blow up!

An appropriate reply would be...

It is really shocking to see such boss's such inconsiderate attitude. Yes, work pressure is always there but a burning house is a definite emergency than an office meeting. Have you experienced something so bad at your workplace? Do let us know your views in the comments section.