How do you like your chai? As an Indian, you'd have a specific preference to enjoying tea. More commonly called Chai, it also conveys a certain emotion to this drink. And as much as there are varieties of making tea in different techniques and flavours, the classic one remains a favourite. So imagine, someone giving it a whole spin under a new name? Video of Chai Latte, a concoction that mixes more than just tea and spices has been shared online and every Desi is offended. The recipe has tea bags, spices like cardamom, cloves, ginger, cinnamon and coconut milk with maple syrup! Yes, we can totally get it you feel like puking right now. Desi Twitter have made their displeasure quiet clear with this one. Is Ice Cream Pav Gujarat's Answer to Mumbai's Vada Pav? Video of This Weird Food Combination is Going Viral As Twitterati Wonder 'WHY GOD WHY?'

The video was shared last evening by WebMD and it has crossed 272,500 views as people watch it with sheer disgust. The tweet reads, "Learn how to make a chai latte -- without the coffee shop price tag." But it starts all wrong, as it involves tea bags. A true Chai lover can vouch for the fact, that teabags do not match the flavours of original tea made with powder and chai patti. It goes on to add so many spices and takes a turn for the worse when the maker adds coconut milk and maple syrup too! Every Chai lover is squirming with discomfort with every step of this recipe. As Dalgona Coffee Viral Trend Continues, Chai Lovers Swear Their Love For Tea by Making Funny Memes and Jokes on 'Pheti Hui Coffee'.

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This is Garbage Water

Yes, Who?

Add Some Garam Masala

This Could Have Been Biryani!

So Offended

The Colour Hurts

Irrespective of drinking chai or not, this video recipe goes a little too overboard, don't you think? We need more tutorials for making simple, masala chai, we feel. Why did anyone have to mess with the tea even in the first place. Clearly, Twitterati's not impressed and we do not blame them.

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