Chhath Puja 2019 Photo of Women Offering Prayers Amid Toxic Foams in the ‘Polluted’ Yamuna River in Delhi Goes Viral; Netizens Express Anger on Twitter
Women Offer Prayers at Yamuna River (Photo Credits: @nagma_morarji/ Twitter)

The air pollution in Delhi has reached its critical stage, making it extremely tough and dangerous for the people to live their normal lives. The Kejriwal government will start with the odd-even car rule from today, November 4, 2019, to curb the rising pollution. While the hazardous situation is increasing concern among the people in India, another picture of women offering prayers during Chhath Puja 2019 is going viral. The pic clicked by Reuters photographer Adnan Abidi shows devotees performing the rituals amid toxic foams in the polluted Yamuna river in Delhi. As the image surfaces online, netizens are expressing anger on Twitter. Air Quality Remains in 'Severe' Category in Lodhi Road Area, Odd-Even Rule Starts From Today. 

According to reports, women gathered at the banks of Yamuna on November 3, 2019, to perform the Chhath Puja rituals. But toxic foam on the surface of the river marred the beauty of the celebrations.  The women had to step into the polluted waters of the river for the rituals. And the toxic foam was knee-high. The women devotees, possibly unaware of the health risk, proceeded with the Chhath Puja rituals despite the horrifying sight. Air Quality Worst in Last 3 Years in Delhi.

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Social media users were furious after the image made rounds on the internet. Asking for an immediate solution from the government, they expressed their disappointment online.

Netizens Express Anger:

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During Chhath Puja 2019 festival, the Delhi government had set up over 1,100 ghats along the river Yamuna. The city had drawn a significant number of devotees to celebrate the occasion. But the image revealed the horrific condition of the river. Over the years, environmentalists and the government have offered many projects to clean the main water body of the Delhi NCR. Its horrific state has attracted a lot of judicial scrutinies. But nothing could be seen happening to make the situation better. And with the increasing air pollution in the recent days at the national capital, Yamuna is at its worst state. And this year is also not the first time that Chhath Puja devotees have offered prayers amid the toxic foams. Earlier too, similar images surfaced on social media.

Meanwhile, an emergency has been sounded across the Delhi NCR with schools being directed to remain closed till November 5, 2019. On Sunday night (November 3), the air quality in Delhi had turned the worst in the last three years.