World’s Largest Man-Made Waterfall in China Comes Under Social Media Scrutiny (Watch Video)
China waterfall skyscraper (Photo Credits: CGTN YouTube)

World's largest man-made waterfall is being criticised for being a sheer wastage of money. A skyscraper in southwest China caught worldwide attention for its eye-catching view where water falls down the 108-meter structure. However, the design could not find worth in the eyes of social media users and otherwise who believe to be over the top designers in an extensive show of money. The Liebian International Building located in the city of Guiyang was subjected to criticisms even before the completion of its work.

Although the water feature was completed two years ago, it has been turned on only six times. It is the high cost involved that has stopped the owners from putting the extravagant architecture on full display. It requires Rs 8,235 just to pump water to the top of the 121-metre tall building. It uses runoff, rainwater and groundwater collected in giant underground tanks for the purpose.

Watch the video here:

Constructed by the Ludi Industry Group, the building also houses a shopping mall, a luxury hotel and various offices. In the recent past, several Chinese buildings have been ridiculed on social media for its design and shape. People's Daily newspaper's new building appeared to look like a penis for netizens. The country which has been witnessing a building boom has several such buildings. Others in the list include a stadium in the shape of a bird's nest, a theatre nicknamed the egg, and a TV headquarters that was likened to a giant pair of underpants.