When it comes to driving it is said that one who masters reversing is a good driver. Most people's driving skills are tested in a parking lot; some can make a smooth exit while some can bother others. A video which is going viral on social media is that of a Chinese woman from Hangzhou, China who has mastered the skill of reversing car. Her cringe-worthy driving skills have managed to damage not one but three luxury cars. Viral Video: Lady Driver Runs Over Kid Playing With Friends, Child Escapes Unhurt.

In the CCTV footage, which went viral, the amateur driver is seen struggling to back her white sedan car.  Her car grazes against a blue Maserati and other cars beside her. In the end, she reverses the car quite roughly and rams into an Audi parked in the opposite direction, displacing it from the parking area. After this, she moves car ahead and hits a BMW while reversing again. Keke Challenge Is Not Just for Humans! Watch Videos of Cows and Camels Attempting the Viral Dance Challenge.

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After showing her "slick" skills, she exits before ramming into other cars. The bizarre incident was recorded in the surveillance camera at a parking lot in Hangzhou city of China and was first reported by Shanghaiist. The video was widely circulated and has become the target of several memes and jokes.

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